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Attachment of Earnings Order

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Basically, an ex owes me money (in excess of £1000) so I took him to court. He offered to pay £50 p.m. which the court upped to £100 p.m. (on my objection) and a CCJ was issued. He made one payment then stopped so I have applied for an AOE. He has (finally) filled in another statement of means, and has now gained a dependant child (in the space of 5 months, apparently his partners child), no mention of her income/benefits, meaning that he has now offered £20 p.m., and asked for the order to be suspended. The court obtained info about his wage from his employers and he got a payrise of £300 p.m. a few months back! I'm pretty sure most of the info he has provided is false (for example he has understated his wage by £200 p.m).

My question is how do the courts decide how much he has to pay me per month. Do they just see that he can only 'afford' £20 and set it as that, or do they have a calculation method.

Any advice gratefully received. Thank you.


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    Cant help Im afraid.
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