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Advice on dealing with C-A-R-S

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fatalillusionfatalillusion Forumite
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I recieved a letter from Creditlink Account Recovery Solutions Ltd a couple of weeks ago regarding a debt on a Monument visa card.

As far as I was aware, I was dealing with another agency in relation to this specific debt - and I contacted CARS and told them I was a little confused, as as far as I was aware the debt was already being paid off to another agency.

I let them know that I am working, and perfectly happy to pay off the debt in 3 monthly installments, as long as they could provide me with some proof that they have ownership of the debt , specifically a copy of my credit agreement . At the time, they said this was fine, and that I should recieve a copy within 7 working days .

Over 12 days passed, with no credit agreement arriving, and I got another letter, saying that as I'd failed to contact them they were considering further action. I immediately phoned them, and told them about the previous phone call where I had requested, and been promised a copy of my my credit agreement. The man on the phone was very rude, and told me that I would need to contact Monument directly for a copy of the credit agreement .

I told him that I had tried, but I've found no contact details for Monument despite much google searching, and can only come to the conclusion that they have either stopped trading, or simply changed name .

As the situation is now , I still have no credit agreement that proves that Creditlink Account Recovery Solutions Ltd own the debt. What would you guys recommend ? I really want to get this debt paid off and cleared, but only if I can be assured that I am paying it to the correct people .


  • bottleofredbottleofred Forumite
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    Hi fatalillusion,

    I wouldn't pay anyone until you're sure they own the debt etc. The man from cars was probably rude as they don't have any details regarding the credit agreement. Don't sign any correspondence with your normal signature either as they've been known to copy signatures to forge credit agreements. Hopefully someone with more knowledge than me will be along soon to provide more/better advice.

    Good luck

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  • barbiedollbarbiedoll Forumite
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    Don't bother ringing them any more, as you have found, they will say one thing, then deny all knowledge of the conversation at a later date.

    Send them a letter requesting a copy of your Consumer Credit Agreement (CCA), if they are collecting the debt then it is THEIR responsibility to obtain this, not yours.

    There is a template letter on this thread (see post #4).

    You should send a £1.00 postal order and it may be worth stating on the letter that the money is to be used only for the CCA documentation, NOT as a payment towards the debt. Send the letter by recorded delivery and keep a copy too.

    Then sit back and wait. If you get no reply after two weeks, come back here and we can sort out another letter to chase them up.

    Well done for sticking to your guns, you are absolutely right not to pay until you know that they have ownership of the debt!
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