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I've had an on going condition with skin on my face now for past 4/5months which is really getting me down, my GP has exhausted all their treatments and has referred me to NHS dermatologist which can take up to 45 weeks!!!! I cant wait that long so they have suggested private treatment, i dont have private healthcare so it will be coming out of my own pocket. They have suggested Ulster Independent Clinic at cost of approx £150 a consultation but i was wondering if anyone knows of any other good dermatologists in the Belfast and surrounding area?

many thanks



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    NHS waiting lists can be very long unfortunately, but as your condition effects visible areas of your body surely your GP can add a note as such and expediate the process.

    As for private consultation, I cannot say either way, but I would be 100% certain its the same NHS consultant you will see privately:o The consultation may cost £150 but further appointments and treatments all add up if going private:(
    I am trying, honest;) very trying according to my dear OH:rotfl:
  • dont get me started on GP's, i am sick to teeth of them, they only seem to want to treat the symptoms and never want to get to the root cause of the problem so you end up just going back again and again and again. I know they are under pressure and not specialists and their hands are tied in terms of what they can prescribe and give you. I have had to find out most of information from internet, just makes you wonder why we bother paying so much in tax and national insurance every month!
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    I've had treatment at the dermatology clinic of the City Hospital and found them to be very nice and helpful there. I think it was a Dr Corbett. My last referral took (I think) about 12 weeks from the GP writing the letter to me going to the clinic and I ended up delaying it a few weeks for various reasons. I also think it's worth asking them to expediate the referral if it's distressing you.

    edited to say if you don't like your GP, change. Mine was great both times.
  • Hi,

    I have been considering going private at the Ulster Independent clinic too, I rang and spoke with the receptionist who didn't really have a clue as to how much it will cost or if it'll involve 1 or 2 visits (I only want a small mole removed) so I refuse to go there for a £150 "consultation" and be told to come back and get charged again.

    She then tried to get me a few doctors P.A numbers to ring and ask more questions but she couldn't find them and said I should google lol (which was no help). I also rang Fitzwilliam clinic (Lisburn Rd) and was told it'd be around £400!:eek:

    Ps - I had previously went the NHS route and had to wait around 8 months for the appointment but because my mole wasn't cancerous they wouldn't take it off, I do have private medical insurance through work but that wouldn't cover it because it's considered cosmetic as the mole isn't cancerous :(

    I'm still stuck with the bloody thing!
  • I saw a Dr McKenna at Ulster independent a few years ago. He also works out of Dundonald Consulting Rooms beside the Ulster hospital. Appointments at Dundonald were always cheaper for some reason.
  • Dr Hilary Jenkins in Whiteabbey hospital , or she also has clinics in Antrim area hospital i believe.

    Trust me , what this lady doesnt know about dermatology isnt worth knowing !

    Both my DD's attend her clinic and i highly recommend.

    Whiteabbey hospital 02890 865181
    Antrim Hospital 02894424000
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    My husband was having skin problems and I asked in the hospital if he could see the consultant privately due to waiting time like yourself. They gave me the number of his private clinic, rang and got an appointment 1 week later!
    Paid the consultation fee and doctor prescribed tablets - once prescribed they were able to be issued via a prescription from his GP so only required one visit.
    Clinic was on Lisburn Road (Balmoral Clinic from memory) but worth talking to his hospital secretary.
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    many thanks for all your responses, glad to know i'm not the only one out there!

    Joanne D is whiteabbey an NHS hospital or can i ring them to make an appointment for a priavte consultation?

    many thanks again for all your help and suggestions

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