Cleaning up my credit file

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Hi there,

I am attempting to clean up my credit file as best as i can and I've been looking through old threads for advice, I read that you could try requesting a default to be removed by writing a nice letter and I want to try and do that to halifax, Its not a default as far as I know but it does list the original amount (now settled) as a "Default/delinquent balance" (I dont know if that counts as a default or not but it was not passed to a debt agency)

I dont want to bore you with the whole sob story but I breached an overdraft agreement and then made a payment plan which I paid off earlier than expected and upon checking my credit file, they had marked my credit file as 3 payments late all the way through the payment plan. on the plus side they marked it as settled a month earlier than I did actualy settle it for some reason.

I would like to kindly beg them to remove this but do you think its worth trying? gotta be worth a shot surely?

tia for any help
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    I doubt very much you would get it removed. Occasionally people manage to negotiate to get a default removed in return for settling a debt. This tends to be for debts like mobile phones and catalogues.

    I think with a bank debt that you have already settled (so you have nothing to negotiate with) it is unlikely they would consider changing your file.
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