Comparison sites won't compare EDF Eco 20-20

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Does anyone know of a comparison site for electricity that provides comparison for the Eco 20-20 tariff.

I have done USwitch, Moneysupermarket, Electricity switch, etc ,etc, but all of them don't show the above tariff.

According to the USwitch "Chat Now" and a fellow called David, they cannot compare Economy 10 tariffs which makes it a pain to do any comparison.

Help gratefully received as we have just received notification of a price increase and want to check if there is anything better out there.



  • Eco 20:20 is an EDF thing only, so you wont be able to switch to a cheaper supplier or compare it with anything else I'm else uses it.

    And it's not an Eco10 tariff, it's an evening/weekend one.
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    Completely trivial to compare it, surely. Any smart metering is just switched off when you change supplier - the meter remains and is used as a standard credit meter. You have to wait for your initial contract to end or pay a fee. Yes, you have to calculate yourself how much your current* 20:20 tariff would cost but you can still find out how much other tariffs cost (just use your total annual kWh consumption with any old supplier/tariff and ignore the savings - the quotes of other credit meter tariffs will be in the correct order.)

    (*Actually you should always do this yourself regardless of the set up as a double-check)
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