March 2011 Grocery Challenge

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  • minnie2 wrote: »
    oh no i ment the price checkers and price guarantees etc

    Minnie - what is it that you don't understand- I will try & help you if I can. Have you read the "Teco Best Offer Ever" thread (or something like that!) on the Grocery forum?
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    I've just added a recipe for Chinese Chicken to the index, ChocClare posted it on the Tough thread
    ... don't throw the string away. You always need string! :D

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    Evening all!

    Had a frugal day food wise today, made a lentil and vegetable soup using a turkey carcass to make the stock, it worked out really well. Lastnight, however, i crumbled when i saw Ben & Jerry's icecream, 2 500g pots for £5 at the co-op. I did also buy 10p loaves of bread and battons though, so that kind of balanced things out, don't you think? Nah, me neither!

    Will update siggy after posting this.
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    destroyerofdebt, your Carbonararecipe and Kitchenbunny, your Stuffing recipe are now in the index ;)
    ... don't throw the string away. You always need string! :D

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  • rosieben wrote: »
    cutiepie, I had missed your Cider and Mustard Honey Pork recipe,:o sorry; I've added it to the index now

    Hey no probs!! ;) it was more a 'chuck it all in' than an actual recipe. lol. tasted yummy though!! really enjoying this grocery challenge. i feel so much more organised! :D
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    NSD for me today! Yay! We went out twice - to a local park for a walk/cycle (but had coffee at home before we left) and to get DD a book with her "World Book Day" token (we managed to find a nice one of the free ones).

    Spent €90 on groceries this weekend. I spent €73 in our Mr. S and DH got a few things in Li*l (am allowing €17 for 2 bottls wine, bacon pieces, grated mozarella and a pizza). We are using up things from the freezer pretty much this week - stewing beef made a chilli for tonight, sausages will be used on Tuesday, cooked ham mixed with pasta tomorrow night, that sorta thing. We got a whoopsied pork joint for last night and had sambos with leftovcers today, which were tasty. I also got 2 packs of smoked salmon which were reduced to €2 each (I usually freeze them to have for scrambled eggs for groups).
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    Aldahbra wrote: »
    I made the cookies but my jury is out on this one. I managed to over cook the cookies on the top shelf and the ones on the other shelf were undercooked. The undercooked ones were much nicer than the overcooked ones.

    I'm going to try therecipee again in a couple of weeks but use smooth peanut butter next time. How do you gauge when they are correctly cooked?

    I usually cook mine on the middle shelf in my combi micro on the oven setting and usually go for 13 minutes, which means they are cooked but are still moist.

    It was a NSD today for me. Having added up what DH spent yesterday on food we are now hitting £135 this week. I was trying to keep it under £100 a week. Still, I have stuff I can carry over to next week.

    I have nearly finished my 5 week menu plan, only have to find another 7 meals. I have been trying to balance the meals for each week so I can make sure things like veg get used up. As I have been making my lists I have been writing out the recipes as well to put in a folder. Next job is to work out the shopping lists.
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  • martafdz wrote: »
    Could you post the normal (no SC) recipe? I do not have a SC but might try it on the hob since it is so yummy! :o

    OK, this is the ACTUAL recipe.

    Creamy Honey, Mustard & Cider Pork

    - 4 pork chops/1 pork fillet cut into medallions
    - 1/2 large onion/3 shallots
    2 tsp w.g. mustard
    2 tsp honey
    3 tbsp creme fraiche
    100ml dry cider

    SC version
    - increase the amount of liquid ingredients (2 tbsp of mustard and honey, tub of creme fraiche, can of cider)
    - chuck all the ingredients in the SC (bar the creme fraiche) leave it on low all day, and then add the creme fraiche half hour before serving.

    Hob version
    - Mix creme fraiche, mustard and honey in a bowl and set aside.
    - Put a little butter in frying pan on high heat. Slice onion and fry until softened. Add a little more butter then add pork.
    - Fry pork for one minute on each side, then pour cider over them and leave to bubble for a few minutes until reduced slightly.
    - Take pan off the heat, and add creme fraiche mix. Stir in well, reduce heat and put pan back on heat.
    - Let it simmer for a few minutes, have a taste and add s&p if needed.

    Serve with rice/potatoes/veg/noodles/etc. :T:T
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    I've made chorizo, haddock and new potatoe one pot for tea. I can't see it already in the recipe index, apologies if its there, but thought I would share.

    1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil (i just used ordinary olive oil)
    50g chorizo
    450g salad or new potatoes
    4 tbsp sherry or white wine (i used white wine)
    2 thick pices white fish (i used some whoopsied haddock)
    handful of cherry tomatoes (I didn't have these)

    Heat the pan, and then add the oil, then the chorizo cook for two minutes. Add the potatoes all sliced up, and 3 tbsp sherry put a lid on the pan and cook for 10-15mins until tender (mine took more like 20 mins)
    Season the fish. Add the tomatoes to the pan and most of the parsley, lay the fish on top and add 1 tbsp of sherry. put lid back on and cook for 5 minutes (I cooked mine for longer, as a bit scared of poisoning us - about 12 mins)
    Add more parsley, and drizzle with more oil if liked..

    I had fine green beans, carrot and sweetcorn, but really didn't need all of that. The recipe said to serve with crusty bread.
    It was really nice, we don't eat much fish, as I never know what to do with it, but have been experimenting with a few recipes lately, and this one will definitely be one to have again. Also it only uses one pot, so not much washing up. yay!
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    Nearly threw out the rest of the poaching liquid from the chicken yesterday after made 3 portions of soup with some of it, then found the lentil and leek recipe on the front page and as that is what I had in thought why not chuck it in the pot to cook.

    Now have a pot bubbling away then will see how many portions I get out of it. The £10 spent on the chicken is turning into a meal maker with 3 portions of chicken noodle soup, yesterdays tea and todays left over stock making soup. Still have a lot of meat left to make use of and will have a think what I can make it into
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