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Can anyone please tell me if they have had any experiences with a Company called National Locations who are Company that will put an offer in on a house without anyone viewing it on behalf of staff that are reolcating. Thanks in advance.


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    Hi there,

    These guys also approached me today looking for 8 properties between £120K and £250K with no onward chain. I recognised the name of the chap and MO from a company called Capital properties that approached me and made two offers on properties in 2009. The address given then was
    Capital Properties
    Dept 434,
    2 Kingswood Road
    M45 0BJ

    The address has changed slightly now but not much and it's definately the same chap. If you do a search for this original company and / or the address you will find a lot of information regarding them. I did this and saw through them before anyone lost any money in my cases.

    It is a scam - they will let you issue paperwork and then ask your vendors for a valuation fee (used to be about £352) - buried in the paperwork somewhwere will be a clause about not proceeding if they can't find a buyer which of course they can't.

    I challanged them before it went far last year and warned my vendors off the deal. I'd give them a wide birth if I were you.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks in part to the above post we avoided sending National
    Locations any money.

    Here are the current details they are using (from the letter they sent us dated 15th March)...

    Unit 462
    Post Office Building
    M45 0DU
    Principal: G Fryer

    Tel: 01204 704370
    Fax: 01204 704380

    I can't post links as a new user but it you google 'estate agent today national locations' and click the top link there's an article with more info.
    Also google 'mirror capital funding' and again click the top link for an article on the mirror.
    Maybe an establish forum user could post the links.
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    If you want houses in Cornwall looking at, I'd do that for some muneh. Just an hourly rate + mileage.

    However, I know it wouldn't be round here.... nothing ever is :)
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    Hi all, we nearly got conned by this company National Locations. It wasnt spotted by the Estate Agent or my Solicitor but my husband googled it and found this link -

    Here is the Estate agent one

    I wanted to tell people so they dont get conned by this b****** !!! Luckily we didnt send the money

    We got married 17th April 2010 !! A wonderful day with my wonderful husband !! :T
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