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Which Is the Best Pet Insurance For Cat (Low Budget Owner)

in Pets & pet care
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My pet insurance is up for renual. My cat Prince she is 2 years old. At the moment I am with Mark and Spencer which at the time of purchase seemed a great deal as there was no excess however there is now a £50 excess. Any ideas/links


  • The threshold for pet insurance normally comes down to the age of the animal - around 8 years old being the critical age.

    As it is you have lots of options. A good benchmark to use is E&L Insurance. Many of the big name brands such as Direct Line and Churchill offer pet insurance products too.
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  • KimberleyKimberley Forumite
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    M&S still have a Nil excess policy as far as i'm aware off :confused: Also surely £50 towards treatment is reasonable isn't it? can't you put £50 away somewhere just in case of any claims so that you already have the excess amount ready?
  • pboaepboae Forumite
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    Phone M&S and check your policy, they have recently reworded their letters to make it sound like they don't do a nil-excess, but actually they still do. It's all very confusing.
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  • pollyanna24pollyanna24 Forumite
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    I've always been told that PetPlan is the best insurance policy. Probably not the cheapest. For my 7month old, it's about £11 a month which was the middle option. Sometimes though, cheapest isn't best.
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  • M+S wont allow me the 0 excess any longer I have been with them 2 years
  • I can also vouch for M&S and I have a cat. My premium is about £7 a month with no excess and paid by direct debit. You recieve claim forms together with your Insurance cover. When you go to the vet you still have to pay for the treatment in advance yourself but if you bring the claim form in with you and fill your relevant part then hand it in to the receptionist they do the rest and you will receive a cheque by post, usually about 3-4 weeks later.
    unfortunately I had to claim 3 times £50 plus but they honoured with no questions asked.
  • I'm also in the throes of insuring our two kittens who have just been let loose into the big wide world. Yes, E&L does rank the best when you search through moneysupermarket, yet when you take a closer look at what is covered it doesn't seem quite so good, i.e. about the same montly premium as Tesco per cat (£4.70 ) yet justcover for up to £1,000 per condition versus £2,500 with Tesco with £40 excess.I've not yet looked into M&S.

    Pollyann24's got a good point, though. Although PetPlan is more expensive, you get what you pay for. It's a life plan, too. As I understand it, that can help if your pet has a long-term illness/condition. But like with every insurance policy, it's the small print that you have to (yawn) check.
  • pboaepboae Forumite
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    If you are seriously considering E&L you might want to google them first. They have a terrible reputation for refusing to pay claims.
    When I had my loft converted back into a loft, the neighbours came around and scoffed, and called me retro.
  • E & L have never settled a claim for the animals I had insured with them, and have a very bad rep with vets, who know how many people really do not get reimbursed. I had a mad, bad situation with E&L when we had a huge number of animals insured with them.

    Pet Plan, who I am with, not only settled my claims quickly, but when I had a problem with one animal and we had gone to the limit, the vet recoommended a further operation to them directly, and they agreed to give it a go rather than put her down. It worked! I have my dear animal, the vet got paid and Pet PLan overed it all. But their premiums are high. I kind of feel obliged to stay with them. M&s still have the no excess policy, I know someone who took it out this month. I am hearing good things about them too....
  • KimberleyKimberley Forumite
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    Motormouth how old are your kittens? You shouldn't really let them out into the outside world until at least a year old.

    I was going to go with petplan but with two kittens that works out to £22 per month for two kittens but with an £80 excess per condition and M&S works out to £16 per month for two kittens with a Nil excess policy. It's obvious which one i've gone for.
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