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"The tastiest technical solution – MSE forum's infrared solution" blog discussion

Former_MSE_Helen Posts: 2,382 Forumite
This is the discussion to link on the back of Martin's blog. Please read the blog first, as this discussion follows it.

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  • tgroom57
    tgroom57 Posts: 1,431 Forumite
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    Sweet dreams !
    (Sure it wasn't infrabed?)
  • pandora_ann
    I spotted this when I was looking for energy saving equipment, seems like it might do a better job but I haven't tried it yet...

    "The PowerSafer TV power saving unit is an energy saving device that eliminates standby power waste, so saving you money and reducing CO2 emissions. It works directly with your TV's remote - all you have to do is plug your TV in."

    It's priced at £12.99, which isn't too bad for this type of thing. I can't post the link as I'm a 'new user' but I'm sure a quick google search would come up with it.

    Might be a better option than leaving the TV permanently on standby.
  • Iand1
    Iand1 Posts: 170 Forumite
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    I had the same problem (must be the same TV!) I used the power saver plug from Juice that was given away free

    It was mentioned on the MSE email, suprised Martin didnt order himself one!!!!

    Like the idea of the quality street though, yum yum.
  • JimmyTheWig
    JimmyTheWig Posts: 12,199 Forumite
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    The other solution, Martin, is to have children.

    Things like that used to keep me awake but now, as long as the kids are asleep, I'll sleep through anything!

    Oh, and if people do want to go down the sweet wrapper route, can anyone suggest non-Nestle alternatives? :)
  • bagpuss
    bagpuss Posts: 124 Forumite
    What a great solution and even better you get to eat the sweets too LOL!!!
  • TallGirl
    TallGirl Posts: 5,682 Forumite
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    The techie board are fantastic they have helped me so many times and saved me 1000 £. Once my new TV turned pink they identified I had not plugged the scart lead in also helped twice with washing machines and dishwasher. Once time they helped fixed a nasty computer virus as Norton wanted to charge me £60 for and I was paying for their annual subscription.

    Those people on there deserve a medal so well done Martin for mentioning them.
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  • pinkcanna
    i'm sure that tip will help lots of users. i have an alarm clock radio that is too bright and doesnt have a dimmer switch so i'll try this (though i want to still be able to read the time). i've already got the wrappers, i knew they'd come in useful eventually, though i had thought it would be for crafting. :A
  • paulneale_2
    It's priced at £12.99, which isn't too bad for this type of thing....Might be a better option than leaving the TV permanently on standby.

    That would have to be a seriously hungry LED to use £13 of electricity! I think you'd be dead before you broke even, and whether the environment would ever get pay-back on the resources used to make those sorts of devices is questionable to say the least!
  • shazzprozz
    just switch it off!!
  • shazzprozz
    these were free to certain people from this website(or similar)i have one but was not sure what it was exactly supposed to do! not tried it yet! will now.
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