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  • Simon_c_2
    Yeh, they get me from time to time too.

    I even got misty eyed reading your account of getting misty eyed :)
  • Terri31
    We're all soppy at heart. Some of us try to pretend we're cool but this is about being able to feel for someone in trouble. Empathy! I think that was what we saw when Diana died, pure and simple.
  • dancingfairy
    That happened to me a couple of weeks ago - I got to a pedestrian crossing where people normally try and ignore the crossing lights and dive across anyway - there loads of students and people generally cross without much thought but just as I got to the crossing everyone just stopped, a split second later I realised it was because there was an ambulance approaching but it was amazing the way everyone just stopped.
    I was impressed as you would expect that from car drivers but normally pedestrians aren't so aware.
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  • mshelike
    People are a lot nicer than we are lead to believe!
    If your only source of info on us is the media one would wonder how we managed to survive for so many millennia...
  • tanith
    tanith Posts: 8,091 Forumite
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    I thought I was the only one who got emotional when seeing an ambulance in a similar situation.. and I used to be an ambulance driver (non emergency) . Daft aren't we?
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  • Impet_Limpet
    Its quite mad isn;t it. I work in a hospital and hear them all day long, but its definitely the way people act on the road together that affects me!
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  • Stephen_Leak
    It can also go wrong. I've pulled in and been overtaken by other drivers. Once, I was in a queue of rush-hour traffic and pulled into the side to let an approaching ambulance pass. The less-observant driver behind actually pulled alongside me and managed to block the entire carriageway.

    What gets me is when you see an ambulance with just the lights going and no siren. Evidently, it's called "blue alert". They do that when they have someone in real trouble aboard - heart attack, severe shock - where the sound of the siren could push them over the edge.

    IMHO, we don't deserve our emergency services.
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  • ElkyElky
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    I don't get this blog post. Moving out of the way for emergency services.. isn't that what the law says you must do? After all, we don't want someones blood on our hands.

    Why is complying with the law "moving"?

    I've pulled over hundreds of times for emergency services but it doesn't make me drop to the ground blubbering like a hysterical idiot.
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  • Deefitz
    Deefitz Posts: 12 Forumite
    I also wish to thank our wonderful ambulance drivers, had the need to use them on Wednesday 16/2/11 after being hit head on by another car skidding over to my side of the road. Whatever they get paid isn't nearly enough.
  • mysuni
    mysuni Posts: 237 Forumite
    edited 18 February 2011 at 4:33PM
    A few years ago my daughter needed to be transported by ambulance and i was horrified by the number of people that don't move and pedestrians that walked in to the road even though the siren and lights were on. The paramedic driving said it is quite common for people to deliberately get in the way so it's great when you do see people doing the right thing.
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