Feeding a family of just 2 on very limited budgets

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Hi all,

I've been posting on another page tonight, and was recommended to come and talk to you friendly lot for some advice.

Little family of just me and my 18 month old daughter.
Currently suffering a lot of money worries, and struggling a lot with general living (food, leccie/gas, etc.)

Main question I wanted to ask was... What (very!) cheap recipes could anybody please recommend to me to cook for me and my daughter.
She is SO fussy, it is unreal. Wont eat vegetables 99% of the time - occasionally can get a bit of stew down her throat but other than that, it's nadda. If she had her way it would be chicken nuggets every day. :eek:
What does one feed a child that she wont spit in your face?! :p

Currently cupboard stock is pasta and jar of pasta sauce, plus a couple of pieces of frozen chicken. That's dinner tomorrow night sorted, but after that.... what can I do? Lol.

On Friday I will have about £20 to spend on food for a week. £30 at a big push.
Sounds so measly, I hope I can get some deals for that! Lol.

Ok, I have rambled on enough.
Any help at all that anybody could offer on any way to save money and get the most out of what I do have would be SO appreciated.
Thank you. :)

Lucy x



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    Here you go - some good ideas in this one :-)

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  • Thank you. :D

    Saved to favourites on my internet home page. Lol.
  • I actually cannot believe some of the recipes on this site - the fact that they are so cheap! It's brilliant. Lol.
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    Pasta and sauce is cheap and you can often hide veg in it.
    Also hm pizza is often poular.
  • I have tried hiding veg in her pasta, and she wont have it. Far too clever! :-/
    She loves cheesy pizza, so that is another good meal - is it easy to make dough for the pizza? I've never tried. Lol.
  • Soup and bread will be your friend. Cheap, filling and full of nutrients, Have you nothing else in your cupboards? Even if you think there's nothing worth mentioning, list EVERYTHING you have and we will be able to help. Does your daughter get fed at creche? Do you need some sort of portable lunch? Can you get to Aldi and Lidl, what supermarket is easiest and cheapest for you to get to?
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    The best thing to do when you are on a tight budget is to meal plan then check whats in your cupboard and see what you have to buy to get you through the week. This way there is no waste and you can double up meals : eg Roast chicken - have it as a roast dinner one night, and then use the remainder for various things like a chicken and veg pie. You can then boil up the carcass to make stock for soup. So for approx £4 you can have 2 dinners, sandwich/wrap fillings, soup and possibly much more. A pound of mince at approx £3.50 (for good quality steak mince from a butcher)could give you a cottage pie, a third of the mince eeked out with vegetables likeonions, carrots and turnip and mashed potatoes on top, the next third make spag bol again using grated carrot, tomato, onion and a handful of mince and the last third you could make meatballs to serve with spaghetti. Breakfasts could be porridge/toast/boiled egg etc and to flavour the porridge stew whatever fruit you have lying in the fruit bowl, lunch could be homemade soups and sandwich/wrap and evening meals from some of the ideas above. Remember to pop little bits in the freezer if there is anything left as it always comes in handy for lunches for the little one, and if you can bulk cook and freeze portions for you both. It takes a little planning to start with but with practice you will get there!
    Good luck
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    have you tried blending veg up in the pasta sauce. i made spag bol once and blended the bol sauce up (as i fill mine with veg) and the kids all wanted to try mine even though they could see the veg and refused to eat it the previous week!!!

    i make pizza dough. mix 1 mug of water with 1 tablespoon oil or marg. i also stick some herbs in. then 3 mugs of flour, 1 tablespoon sugar and yeast. all in breadmaker or in mixer with dough hooks and it makes enough to freeze some so you could make a batch of pizzas and freeze some for other nights.
  • My 3yr old's the same.

    You could blitz the pasta sauce with a stick blender to get rid of the bits
    How about some little jacket potatoes?
    Egg and Soldiers is a cheap lunch and might work
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    Ok, in my cupboard I currently have....

    a box of cuppa-soups
    tea bags
    1 and half small bag of pasta
    Tomato ketchup
    half bag of rice
    small amount of flour
    tin of chopped tomatoes
    bread (used for daughter's breakfast)

    In the fridge is
    Yoghurts (daughter's puddings)

    Couple of chicken breasts
    Frozen korma sauce (daughter hated that)

    Luckily she is fed a lunch at crèche. She doesn't tend to eat much, but it's something in her belly.
    I am near a Lidl, Sainsburys and Tesco. And Asda is a 10 minute bus trip away. I found I can sometimes get more for my money if I buy Asda own brand items.

    I do like the thought of having a meal plan. I tried once before and ended up spending more than normal - so I obviously went wrong somewhere! Lol.

    OH, just found healthy start vouchers in my purse! That'll buy some bananas and apples tomorrow. :)
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