Great 'kitchen/furniture insurance misselling?' Hunt

Great 'kitchen/furniture insurance misselling?' Hunt

We've heard rumours of dodgy sales patter by shops trying to flog insurance when you buy sofas, new kitchens, big furniture. If you've had a sales pitch, or bought some, we want to know what the sales technique was like. Were you told anything that turned out to be wrong? Let us know.

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  • phonoplug
    phonoplug Posts: 23 Forumite
    edited 17 February 2011 at 12:30PM
    When I bought a settee from SCS a few years ago they showed me this bit of fabric they said had been treated with their 'stain guard' or something like that. They put a drop of water on it and sure enough it repelled it and didn't soak in at all. When I received my settee though, no such effect. When I later questioned them about it, they were somewhat vague and said it was an insurance I had bought in case a stain got onto the settee.

    Can't want till I buy my next settee - will give them a right mouth full if they try to sell that nonsense to me again!
  • I was sold the same type of thing on my dark brown leather sofas purchased from DFS. I said at the time that I had cats and would it cover me for scratch marks made by their claws, the salesman said yes on the first claim but not subsequent claims. He also said I would be covered for scuff marks made by people knocking the furniture with their shoes. Guess what - wrong! Apparently I'm only covered for stains eg a curry sauce staining the leather. Why would I want stain prevention on a really dark brown sofa?? Sounds like another classic case of us being ripped off!
  • ormus
    ormus Posts: 42,714 Forumite
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    Courts (now gone bust) used to do the same thing. they all do it.
    biggest con going. the salesmen were fired if they didnt get enough % of warranty sales.

    ive seen their sales meetings in action. 20 minutes on product training and 40 minutes on warranties.

    (i was a sub contractor).
    Get some gorm.
  • I bough a bookcase and dining table set from Harveys. I bought the accidental damage insurance as I had two young children, and was told I would get £50.00 cash back in five years if I didn't claim. I didn't notice at the time but my name was put on the form as "V Dixon" instead of "W Dixon". Five years later I submitted the forms, I had moved house and provided my change of address details but because the form was originally in the wrong name they refused to pay out. Has anyone else come across this? I did go back to them with electoral roll details and tried again but they refused point blank. I would never by any kind of insurance again.


  • Hello

    Any queries or concerns with your DFS furniture/stain policy please call DFS Customer Service on 01302 330365, alternativly please email [EMAIL=""][email protected][/EMAIL].
  • I got the same dodgy Stain Guard insurance sold to me by SCS. I had previously bought furniture with this applied to the fabric and it worked fine. However, since July 2005 the process has been banned, something SCS seem to forgotten to mention, leaving the customer with the impression that the fabric has been treated - Not so!

    I have currently sent this to the FSO, asking for the money to be refunded as it is a clear case of mis-selling. The FSO caseworker has recently informed me that the insurance is provided by Pinnicle Insurance and that she will have to approach them before being able to make a decision. I'll keep you informed of the outcome.

    Other forum users who've also been mis-sold by furniture retaillers could follow suit, if I am successful.
  • Brought two sofas from DFS they sold me an 'accidental spill' insurance, saying that if we or the kids spill anything give them a ring and they will send someone out to professionally clean it. When we did claim we called them, they would send out a cleaner but sent a small bottle of cleaner, this took days to arrive, we used it but it didn't do anything. Called them back again and after several weeks they sent someone to clean it. He said that because it took so long to get him out he couldn't get the stain out!!!! So after about 3/4 months we did get a replacement seat cover, through the post that we managed to replace ourselves.
  • we too bought a sofa from scs and bought their stainguard insuarance for £200. we only bought it because we have children and pets. we were told that we could indeed claim for animal scratches only once but if we did we would basically get a new sofa as if there was astain they would recover it but as it was leather they would not be able to match the colour so we would probably get a new sofa.
    what we actually got was a man come out with a spray gun and recolour the stains which only lasted for a few months!! complete wasts of money and blatant lies. we have had a lot of trouble with scs as the sofa cushions went straight away and they wont replace them. dont touch with a barge pole!!!:(
  • browntrout_3
    browntrout_3 Posts: 1 Newbie
    edited 17 February 2011 at 12:33PM
    bought a settee from scs and took out their accidental damage cover , salesman told us if anything goes wrong they will repair or replace no problems. anyway years later i accidently spilt some wood stain on the cushions, put a claim in ,inspector came out and said was not possible to rectify problem,and unfortunately they no longer could get the material to replace the cushions. so i asked them to replace the settee as the salesman said they would but they said they can only replace if the settee was ripped, but they said that they would refund me my insurance premium i paid when i bought the settee, which was £60, so now im left with a stained settee:(:(:cool:
  • TillyFlop
    TillyFlop Posts: 2 Newbie
    edited 17 February 2011 at 12:32PM
    I used to work at DFS, you have 3 weeks of intensive training at HO and the 2nd and 3rd weeks are solely based on 'honing your pitch'. There are certain things you have to say and they make you perform this in front of your peers and they even video you doing your pitch and make you watch it back later and give you a critique so you can improve it! They have 'fabri-coate' which is what is sprayed on fabric sofas (to be fair it was as I saw it being done, and even salesmen spraying their suits!) but you cannot spray certain types of sofas (like microfibre) and of course not leather but they still sell it on these sofas! You are even told to say the prices without a 'pounds' on the end so that it sounds less to the customer! I certainly would not pay for it having worked within the industry, it's far too expensive for what it is and they do try to wriggle out of treating a stain wherever they can.
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