I wanna buy cheap cigarettes online

Not sure if this is the right place to post but couldn't really find an appropriate place - also not too sure if i'm allowed to post about this...

I would like to purchase cigarettes online for a cheaper price and have done a quick Google search and came up with this website


Can anyone tell me if they have got anything from them? The prices sound too good to be true?

Please move my post if it's not in the right place :)



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    Quit, it's even cheaper :wink:
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    think this answers your question, Spain based company so this is not a "personal import"

    It is the responsibility of the customer to ascertain and comply with the laws ot their own country relating to the purchase and use of any tobacco goods. We will send whatever you order.
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    Don't buy from Tobaccoking. They're shysters.

    As Browntoa has said they're based in Spain. Not only that though but they charge a premium for their products and then neglect to tell customers that their fags and baccy will almost certainly be seized by Customs who will either impose massive duty charges which will mean that they'll cost even more than buying them in the UK in the first place or, perhaps worse, destroy them.

    Have a look through these threads:



    By far the best ways to get cheap fags are either go across to Belgium from one of the Channel ports if you don't live too far away or book a cheap flight. Just take hand luggage eg a holdall and fill it up with your favourite smokes. You'll have enough to last for months and you won't get ripped off.

    The last time I checked Luxembourg was about the cheapest with Belgium not too far behind.
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    My OH and I go from Hull or Newcastle on a mini cruise twice a year for a stock up.

    Ferries are usually on buy one get one free so we usually get there for around £70.

    Being frugal, taking a travel kettle for coffee in the cabin, big meal before you set off,
    some sandwiches for tea/supper, big lunch in Amsterdam and a couple of bagettes bought
    for tea. Bottle of wine and a good book in the cabin.
    The cigs on the boat are the same price as in Amsterdam so we dont have to cart them round
    all day, just buy them on the boat.

    Saves a packet and we get a break too.
    make the most of it, we are only here for the weekend.
    and we will never, ever return.
  • mrbrownmrbrown Forumite
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    You could buy from this UK tobacconist. They're based in Devon, but it looks like they also sell cigarettes online. I visited them and bought some Havana cigars ages ago and they were very reasonably priced.
  • joeblack066joeblack066 Forumite
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    Be aware that over 50% of the tobacco/ cigarettes smoked in the uk is 'fake', with much of it containing dlightful ingredients that are NOT tobacco. If youre currently a cig smoker, I would suggest that you switch to hand rolling with a filter. Even shop proces wil save you a fortune over ready rolled.
  • zorro10zorro10 Forumite
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    Never bought any tobacco online before, great to find these online shops.
  • Was just about to chime in with the e-cigs bit myself... I was a 20-a-day man but switched to e-cigs at the start of the month and now hate the smell of real fags! I use VIP but there are plenty of alternatives. The cartridge's cost £8.99 for 5 and each is roughly the equivalent of 200 fags, as a result, this month i've spent £18.98 on 'smoking' V's my usual spend of £180ish

    You can use the e-cigs indoors if you wish (i never smoked indoors so it doesn't bother me) and they don't smell, you still get your nicotine fix but the delivery system is the crucial bit and you do away with all of the tar and all of the carcinogens that kill you. They even produce 'smoke' (which is harmless water vapour) to help complete the illusion of smoking.

    Why not give them a go? you can get them online or different brands are available in a variety of shops/garages, you'll save money and you'll save yourself too hopefully.

    I might change my username to Preacher! (sorry)
  • Macca83_2Macca83_2 Forumite
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    I have a mate that works offshore. Brings me 200 back for £30. Saves me a packet.
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