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  • Wow, it's great to hear the story behind Mr MSE!

    You and your team have managed to save me from total debt annihilation a few years ago (after reading your article on debt I decided I needed to take drastic action!), helped me recover bank charges and PPI charges totaling almost £1500, saved me lots on my household bills, food shopping, car insurance, and of course pizza! You guys even let me know that a £465 dress i'd coveted for almost 6 months was reduced by 85% through the forum, so proved to be well worth the wait as I bought it outright with my christmas money, not on my recently fully paid off credit card :j

    Thank you thank you thank you Martin and the MSE team!

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    If that's you with the curly hair at the beginning of the video Martin, you were a very cute kid :)
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    If that's you with the curly hair at the beginning of the video Martin, you were a very cute kid :)

    That's me and my big sister deb
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  • Bom Bom Baaaaaa Bom
    Who made hogs and dogs and frogs?
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    Thanks for posting this vid - very interesting to see how far you've come!
  • Really enjoyed this little snap shot,

    it should be longer would love to hear more.
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    love the hair martin. lol
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    nicely edited
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    Well done Martin, lots of energy, that's what I like . (reaching for me stick.)
    And nice to see The Team.
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    But the interesting question is what's the best way to work it out.
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