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    This free supply of bin liners has now taken a turn for the worse in my area - a couple of the firms are just delivering self-adhesive labels which you have to stick on your own bags. :eek:Stuff that.

    I always, always, always, hand in, IN PERSON, to a local charity shop. Even using charity-branded clothing banks isn't a safe alternative - the Salvation Army are in trouble with the Fundraising Standards Board over the company that run their clothing bank collections (they pocketed £10 million whilst passing on £16.3 million to the charity).
  • So frustrating! It's hard when you are trying to make a difference and make conscious decisions to be eco-friendly and then things like this feel so far out of your control to make a change!
  • our bin is not that far from our front door
    and I was considering putting a sign on it that said
    "Place all direct mail - unaddressed mail - charity bags
    directly in here
    save us a job

    or something similar
    Fight Back - Be Happy
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    I am very tempted to put them back outside my door after filling them with ferret litter... :D

    Haven't had the guts (or organisation to get it out on the right day) to actually do it yet!
    Trust me - I'm NOT a doctor!
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