80s party OS food/clothing ideas

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Thought this might be a fun one and help me out!
This Saturday I am going to my friend's 30th birthday house party. We were born in 1981 so she has an 80s theme, we all have to dress up and bring an 80s dish suitable for a buffet, as well as any old 80s toys.

I have almost no time left and no money so was wondering if anyone had any ideas for some OS food and a costume (I am sorted for toys as I have my old Rainbow Brite and Sunshine Bear to take for a last hurrah before I eBay them).

I was thinking of a red jelly rabbit on green mashed up jelly grass...but there are some drawbacks...not long to find a mould, not very tasty for a bunch of 30 year olds and, the worst, what if that wasn't something 80s but was just my mum :rotfl:.

Any tips very gratefully received!



  • what about vol au vonts, i always remember my mum making a big deal out of them at parties she had, and prawn cocktails, other than that ive no idea :D
  • I reckon for food you could get Arctic Roll or Vienetta cheap at a discount freezer shop - they're very 80s.

    Or party food like sausages on sticks, cheese / pineapple on sticks etc?

    Costume is easy - backcomb your hair and wear loud clothes! Think Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Bananarama etc. Or some Dexy's Midnight Runners dungarees. Or nasty padded shoulder outfit. Legwarmers?

    Personally I'd go Madonna and Arctic Roll. Don't forget the Babycham!
    Hope for the best, plan for the worst.
  • I don't think it was just your mum - I definitely remember the rabbit jelly thing. Also - we used to have birthday cakes where the top half was a doll and then the cake made a big skirt!

    Fashion wise - I remember wearing lots of bright accessories - and odd florescent socks (nice!!)
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    If you do the jelly why not keep the 80s loo but make them vodka jellies :)
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    snowy134 wrote: »
    Fashion wise - I remember wearing lots of bright accessories - and odd florescent socks (nice!!)

    Now the odd fluorescent socks I DO remember :rotfl:
    BIG hair
    BIG shoulders
    Horrid rara skirts were in at one time I recall.

    However, for easy peasy, you want black leggings, bright socks, stilettos and an oversized jumper. HEAVY eye make up, HUGE hair and shoulder pads plus lots of beads and BIG earrings . Or google Desperately Seeking Susan in images - it was released in 1985 but the posters for it give a really good flavour for the eighties "look".

    In 1981 I was at college, listening to Madness, Spandau Ballet etc. Thanks for reminding me how OLD I am! MY DH said to me the other day, you never wear leg warmers any more: I used to like you in those. Er, yes, that's because they were fashionable 30 years ago, dear... (maybe they'll make a comeback in time to keep my ageing ankles warm, LOL).

    Foodwise, the food suggested seems more 70s to me. The 1980s was the era of the dinner party, I seem to recall - everyone giving hugely pretentious dinner parties with twee little finishing touches you wouldn't bother with now - but that was probably the late 80s to be fair. If you're aiming at 1981 then the little buffet things which were so popular in the seventies - slices of celery with cream cheese and paprika; dates stuffed with...er...more cream cheese; ritz crackers (which someone gave me the other day and I've discovered I LOVE :rotfl:); cocktail sausages; bacon rolls; cheese cubes on cocktail sticks with either pineapple or baby onions - were still hugely popular.

    Have fun! I loved the 80s even if they were about conspicuous consumerism. Probably because of that ;) And because my hair looked fantastic!!! :rotfl:
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    I use to love "chocolate lovelly" tub ice cream and space dust .........
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    arran_m wrote: »

    Inspired!!! I am going to have to organise an 80's party this summer :D Can't wait now!
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    Thanks so much for all your ideas! I am sorted! Definitely going to do the vodka jelly rabbit and some little bits like the celery and dates and maybe some vol-au-vents. Ah, better not get carried away!

    Think I'll go for the Desperately Seeking Susan look...I can pull it together mostly with stuff I already have, and I'll have a bit of a rekkie round the charity shops on Saturday morning.

    Thanks guys, you are all stars!
  • 80s party food, well we were teens/early 20s so if it's that sort of party you want to recreate rather than a proper grown-ups dinner party menu, we used to put out

    cheese and pineapple on sticks stuck in half a grapefruit
    sausages on sticks
    sandwiches - cheese, ham
    crisps -bog standard, not nachos or fancy ones, your walkers salt and vinegar types with no dips!
    vol-au-vents - egg mayo filling, tuna mayo filling,
    rice salad (cooked rice and veg mixed with mayo)
    gala pie (that big pork pie with egg in middle) cut into finger size lumps
    quiche - was seen as a bit glam believe it or not
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