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Debts vs. Mental Health



  • bookworm123_2
    Very interesting poll and results. But which came first? Debt or Mental Health issues.

    On my part, can easily see the slippery slope between any debt and depression. Have fallen a couple of times myself. Thanks to family (emotional support not financial) have managed to overcome. but what does the future hold.
  • mel12
    mel12 Posts: 298 Forumite
    MSE_Martin wrote: »
    Mel our aim is to try and help people who have debt and mental health issues coinciding. The last thing we want is to campaign to disenfranchise those with mental health from borrowing - though I do think the ability to cap your CC usage vountarily if you've MH issues is worthwhile.

    I agree a voluntary cap would be a good idea :)
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  • beadle2
    beadle2 Posts: 50 Forumite
    MY MENTAL HEALTH probles started when i leant my sister a half pence to buysomething
    My Dad totally over reacted and it esccalated into a full family row with mum and us children in one room with Dad trying to break the door down.He was obsessed with money.
    He left when I was 11 and then Mum became an alcoholic and at 13 I was able to go and buy mums drink from the nearest shop with a blank cheque ,she told me to getsome sweets.Consequently i used to buy comfort eat.THe house went from being strict with money to mum not caring about.it.
    Then i got credit cards and the bane of my life a cheque book.i felt sometimes compelled to spend all the cheques in a book at one shopping trip in town.now wont have one.When one credit card enabled me to draw cash,i used to draw it out and paidtheir bill with it.
    now i am married and prefer my husband to deal with money.
  • ixwood
    ixwood Posts: 2,550 Forumite
    A lack of control is said to be one of the factors involved in creating depression and I can certainly imagine being in a lot of debt depressing.

    A lot of people seem to spend recklessly and borrow, borrow, borrow without giving it a second thought, then get depression when they realise the mess they're in and how stupid they've been.
  • ODO
    ODO Posts: 1 Newbie
    Interesting what Josie says about nursing. I have worked in mental health social care for 24 yrs, now the government have stopped the grant and the council are withdrawing social care from mental health. I wish I had a pound for all the clients I have helped over the years manage their debts, mostly accrued by their illness interfering with their ability to manage their affairs whilst experiencing a relapse. If I had I would not now be worried about my own future as I don't think I will get a job as a social worker in the green energy revolution that is going to create thousands of jobs for us all. Oh well only another 2 years until I can draw my pension -oh no sorry its 9 years now.
  • stevieh
    Poll 01-08 Feb 2011:

    Debts vs. Mental Health

    We're researching the alignment between mental health issues and debt problems (excluding mortgages). It's argued either one can cause the other. Please answer the question below.

    I (or my partner) have never had mental health problems

    Never been in debt - 1210 votes (34%)
    Only ever had limited debts - 1475 votes (41%)
    Bigger debts but not a problem - 575 votes (16%)
    Severe or crisis debts - 304 votes (9%)

    I (or my partner) have / had mental health problems

    Never been in debt - 551 votes (17%)
    Only ever had limited debts - 706 votes (22%)
    Bigger debts but not a problem - 514 votes (16%)
    Severe or crisis debts - 1208 votes (38%)
    Severe or crisis debts but never alongside mental health problems - 187 votes (6%)
    Voting has now closed, but you can still click 'post reply' to discuss below. Thanks :)

    My son has schizophrenia and occasionally when he is very ill he goes overdrawn in his bank then they charge him we have asked them to put a stop on his account when it reaches zero but they advise us that they cannot do this, as he is on benefits and does not receive a lot of money it is a never ending circle. We have recently found out that the banks are not allowed to take anybody's benefits so we have claimed the charges back, why can't the government & banks put a stop on the bank accounts to solve this problem in the first place
  • First time I have had the courage to write my story, dont know if I am in the correct formum. Husband walked out 3/4 yrs ago, kept in touch on and off, I have suffered from depression for a long time, had few breakdowns, took o/d and in hospital 2 wks sept 09. Fighting back but oh started to suffer from depression and wouldnt hear from him for weeks on end. Terrible worry as he is diabetic and didnt know if he was alive or dead. Contacted his son from his 1st marriage who said his dad was in touch with him. Oh's was renting house altho he wasnt claiming any benefits or his pension from old job(he is 64) so basically no incomings. Said he had money left from sale of his flat tho that wasnt a lot time he bought out ex-wife. Like everything else he "hadnt got round to doing it" before! He hadnt redirected post so when it piled up I opened it. OMG the guy owed money all over the place. Min. payments not made on every card going, in red with barclays (my name was still on joint account BIG MISTAKE!!!) Managed to drag him to Barclays last May and we spent 2 hrs. there sorting out paperwork and jointly signing that my name wasnt on joint account any more - it took so long cos he had lots of "pots" for diff. accnts. Before we married in 2000 he put a lot of pressure on me, and I mean a lot that "we" should buy my Council flat as he thought paying out rent was a waste of money (he's paying £1000 a month on his rented flat now!) and I wd get a v lg. discount as I had been a Council tenant for so long. The flat had originally been awarded to me on medical grounds as the situation at home with my parents had made me ill. I was working as a childrens' nanny and didnt earn a lot and the work was sporadic, but he promised me that "he would always take care of me" and pay the mortgage although it was in my name solely. I last saw him in October 2010. The mortgage bounced 1st time September 10, he said he was v sorry and it wd never happen again. It didnt until the next time, November 10. I have never been in debt, have a horror of it, my mortgage is my only debt and realised that this wd lead to a bad credit record which it has now done. Started to get v depressed and retreated to bed for 4 days, not eating and really scared I was going to end up back in hospital. Decided wd hav to take mortage over, have some savings but only income is Incapacity Benefit and DLA. When I phoned Halifax to change DD details, gobsmacked to hear that accnt. mortage had been paid from was JOINT accnt. which, supposedly, had been closed in May 10. This basically led to jots of probs., joint acc. had been closed "apart from 1 pot", but this was only a technicality. Then TMobile started to ring on the half hour asking to speak to husband altho he had not lived at my address for yrs, wasnt on council tax or electoral roll here either. They threatened debt collectors. I went to bed for another 4 days. I also had calls from M&S pre-legal recovery, silent calls, and other letters to him that his payments for various things had all bounced. I dread the postman.
    Had silent calls from co. called Capquest, looked them up, they hav terrible reputation. Gathered strength, told them they were harassing me and not to call again. That was 2 wks. ago. I feel as though I am wading thru a bog and each time I clear it, I am sucked back again.
    Hav gone to CAB only person I saw specialised in criminal law so not great deal of help.
    I didnt sign up for this, feel desperately sorry for oh but cant forgive the deception and lying (echoes little_h). I know he isnt well but he wont communicate, I have phoned, texted etc. I have had enough, cos I think he will bring me down with him.
    Last straw was spoke to his son 2 wks ago to see if oh still alive and he said his dad was in bad way and prob needed to go into hospital. Know that is the last thing he wd ever want. Son said Dad told me he has no money left, then son said but of course he has rights of half yr. flat! and he paid mortgage last ten yrs. Mortgage was £130 a month and we only borrowed £17000, I paid deposit of £800. so oh has paid in £10000 tops. 1 bedrm flat, I cant downsize and have nowhere else to go. If stepson takes over Power of Attorney for father should he go into hospital, could he force me out of my home and claim half. I dread the postman
  • rubytuesday
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    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    I got into debt as I was unable to make my credit card payments when I was off work following hypomania in 2004. The debt went to a receiver and I am now making a monthly interest free repayment. That is the only debt I have and I hope to have it cleared in the near future. Although I have told them about my illness and sent a Doctors letter I find them to be quite hassling at times and they often want me to pay back more than I can afford when it is reaccessed.
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