What about the deeds?

Hi all, my mortgage is on it's last knockings, I owe about £700, it's with the halifax and I have the money to finish it now, but what happens about the deeds? I am on standard variable rate if it makes any difference, but at around £60 a month it doesn't bother me much. If I wait until it finishes I still have the keeping of the deeds to consider. What should I do?


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    Its all electronic now, you could frame the originals and hang them off the wall if they are the nice waxed ones from years ago.
  • its all electronic. My parents paper ones are under their bed in a brown envelope...
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    Mine are in a box upstairs. You don't actually need to keep the historic deeds unless you wish to. They are all kept electronically at the Land Registry.

    Congratulations, BTW!
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