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planting conifers

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we are getting conifers delivered for us to put in, babies so they are easy to handle, for screening at the back and front, obviously we wont let the front ones go too tall but are they under the same planning thing as anything under 6ft1 is ok?

also how deep would you need to bury the roots to make sure its ok? any other advice greatly appreciated, and if anyone knows a particular type for a good screening hedge for a garden and front, please say :)


  • I wouldn't plant conifers at all but it depends what you need. Do you need hedging or a windbreak, or just to screen something? Conifers can quickly take over a garden, even if put in as babies.
  • hedging, something thick that would grow tall enough to overgrow a mans height say, about 7ft probably, and without gaps in the foliage
  • Plant 18 inches apart or slightly closer for a hedge like effect. WE planted conifers in our back garden as it is a corner plot. The trees look great and no one can see into our garden. People either love or hate conifers, you have to trim the tops of each year so they will become thicker. They can grow very quickly once established . As long as you keep them at a reasonable height I cant see any problems with complaints from neighbours etc unless they are right next to their houses.
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  • Are you getting bare rooted or potted? Bare rooted are usually cheaper! I'd recommend that you wait until spring in case of winter wind rock unless you are intending to plant in a sheltered area. Always plant to the level of the existing soil marks and top the plants to encourage side shoots and promote root growth.
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    Take care that you don't eventually want to grow very much within 2 or 3 feet from them as they will take a lot of water. Even your lawn will be almost non existant close to the trunk.

    Remember that these 'babies' are TREES. The very thin cheap ones are popular 'cos they grow quickly, but they are usually the ones that grow VERY big if left uncut. Also, don't forget the width that they will be eventually. If the final width is going to be 24", not very wide, I believe you should really plant them 12" inside the boundary so as not to 'steal' ground from a neighbour. They are entitled to cut back to the boundary, and you wouldn't want them to cut back to the trunk if planted too close.

    As mentioned, as long as you keep them in check, they can be manageable. Particularly now electric clippers are relatively cheap.

    However, if you do let them get out of hand, remember that these trees will only grow again from green wood. That means if you have to cut back into
    the older brown wood you will have something very unsightly for a long time. A neighbour cut a hedge by half and the 24" wide hedge was only brown sticks when viewed from the bedroom windows. Best begin clipping them before they get to the final size you want, so they thicken out.

    Please don't think I mean to put you off, but you only have to see some of the monsters that people have let get out of hand. As long as you are the boss, your hedge will be fine I'm sure.
  • we had them when i was little, proper 20 foot monsters but then they werent kept on top off so by time i was older they were huge lol i went and got some £2 specials called lemon something and they smell gorgeous, so i got 2 to try, im going to keep on top of them like a hawk with a trimmer once they are in a decent height and length so they bunch up a bit, mindu with my skills i also have to make sure they live past the first week LOL thankyou all :)
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