Council tax, could this make sense?

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I saw some stats for our local authority today stating that the average property price is (approx) £410,000 and the average council tax (approx) £1380.

Our property value is approx £300,000 (bought for £282,000 5.5 years ago) and our council tax £1790. Despite our house value being £100k below the local average our council tax is £400 above the local average.
Is there a logical explanation for this?

I have gone through the 'lowering council tax banding' checks several times over the last few years but not really felt that we had any strong grounds due to the neighbours having the same band. We are in a set of 12 almost identical properties and all are in band F. It does seem that this is high when looking at how much bigger some other localish band F properties are (we have 4 beds but are terraced with tiny gardens).
The value check test suggests that our houses would have been worth around £97,000 in 1991 so Band E (£88,000 - £120,000) but how could I use this for an appeal?


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    Spent a little while looking at microfiche in the library this morning and it looks like the chances of being eligible for a reband would be just about.... zero!

    Some smaller 3 bed similar houses in the same development were being marketed for £117,000 in Feb 1991 (these are in Band E). Quite a few neighbouring larger, detached houses with big gardens and several garages were marketed at between £170,000 and £195,000 in Feb '91 (these are in Band G).
    The clincher though - next door but one (identical to ours but with a different layout upstairs so I think actually only has 3 bedrooms) was on the market at £145,000 so definitely in Band F. I gave up at that point!
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