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allotment rent increase 2011

hi fellow allotmenteers. nottingham city council has just informed us to expect a rent increase in 2012 that will quadruple our current rental. this seems excessive to me, but i have no idea what the average rent is across the uk. what are your allotment rents?


  • squack
    squack Posts: 633 Forumite
    sounds excessive... we pay £25 per year
    squaaaaaaaaacccckkkkkk!!!! :money:
  • tsstss7
    tsstss7 Posts: 1,255 Forumite
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    I currently pay 35 for half an allotment and a rubbish shed. they are also talking about quadrupling our fees while also selling off allotment land and saying they are subsiding us !!! (they can't use sale funds for this apparantly) pretty angry about it actually.
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  • [Deleted User]
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    35 for 10 x 150 feet plot. Private and part of a field. Water supplied and that is all. Gorgeous quiet site with stunning views so very worth it for the recreation value
  • jellymid
    jellymid Posts: 338 Forumite
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    £11 for 5m x 25m, including water, last year. I haven't heard yet this year, though.
  • 1jim
    1jim Posts: 2,663 Forumite
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    I guess it depends what you paid last year, if it was £1 and now will be £4 then Id be happy, If you paid £50 and now woul be £200 Id be miffed. We paid £60ish last year in South Notts
  • ermitsme
    ermitsme Posts: 14 Forumite
    North East Lincs.
    Carr Lane.
    Size 0.250 Rood.
    Water £15:40p.
    Rent £43:93p
    This includes a 50 % reduction for being over 60.
  • cootambear
    cootambear Posts: 1,474 Forumite
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    someones got to subsidise the banks :(
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  • Linda32
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    We're in Leicester and rent of the local parish council (if that makes any difference)

    I'm sure we have a full plot, for which we pay £17.50 a year. Its gone up from £14.50 over the last 5 years. So not a great lot by any means.

    We pay for water, which could never be covered by the amount collected from all the plots as its a small size, so must be covered by the council as well.
  • angelavdavis
    I have a 9 rod plot and pay £35 per year which includes £22.50 water rates and a full and associate membership to the allotment society. I am in East Sussex.
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  • Poosmate
    Poosmate Posts: 3,126 Forumite
    edited 10 January 2011 at 12:53AM
    I'm sure there was a thread on this last year. I'll try to dig it out.

    Excuse the pun, wasn't intentional!



    Aahh, here it is (from October last year):

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