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  • indierocker85
    That happened to me at a premier inn in Kensington and Chelsea borough at about the same time funnily enough in May last year. Seemed somewhat coincidental that they had an asbestos wagon outside and they were fiddling with ceiling tiles. Then suddenly the fire alarm goes off and the receptionist says "somebody has probably used the shower with the bathroom door open. They are very sensitive". ;-)
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  • katsu
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    Getting kicked out of the hotel due to a fire alarm happened to the whole bridal party for a wedding we went to once. This was before the time of the service so lots of half dressed members of the bridal party stood around in the street worrying about how the photos would look if there was no time to get dressed before the service started :eek:
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  • irrelevant
    Best I can do was sometime in the late 1980s, at an evening meeting on the 33rd floor of Euston Tower when the fire alarm went off. By the time we'd walked all the way down the emergency stairs, we were met at the bottom by Security, who told us it was a false alarm; they'd tried phoning up to us as soon as they realised, us being about the only ones in the building, but by that time we'd all left the room!

    We'd thought it great the views of London from up there... but after that, the meetings were arranged for a different building... on the ground floor!
  • rinoa778
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    Aw Martin, I had a chuckle at your expense.

    This happened to me but in reverse. I had been coming back from a gig at about 3am and was thinking about how to get to bed without waking up my hostel roommates. I needn't worry since everyone was gathered in the bar wearing sleepware. It turned out someone had set off the fire alarm. Me being an overthinker sometimes thought, oh no! What if they think it was me? I do smell of smoke (was in a smokey bar). It turned out it was a kid playing a prank and he got kicked out (police didn't charge him).
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  • erik99_2
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    We were on the 10th floor of a Japanese hotel about 11pm when the alarm went off. We went all the way down the fire-escape (I in my Homer Simpson shortie pyjamas, wife in her summer nightie) but all was quiet. :o We walked into reception, and when at last someone understood English, he just said "Sorry, mistake." So we got in the lift and went back up to the room. Nobody mentioned our attire, or even looked at us as if anything were strange. In Japan, you see, politeness really matters. :grin:
  • samuelpbaker
    Just before a swimming lesson at secondary school is much, much worse...
  • savemoney
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