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4x Direct Debit Reversals with Money IN my account

I hae just checked my bank acc, and as i expected money going in on the 26th only showed yesteday (29-12-10) and our direct debits which were due 2 go out 28th, hve gone out on the 29th (funds avail) and been reversed.

Santander says its the 4 companies fault, but its the same dd ive had for 3 years! i thought it may of been because of bank hol, but they said no. I said it was the banks fault as there was money there...they just told me its the companies, but four different ones on the same day, and as far as i can see two other dd's have gone out ol today (30th)

I spoke to companies and they have not changed anything. No one but me has access to the account, and ive not camcelled anything.

Please help!



  • Obviously nothing to do with the four companies, as you suspect.

    Santander's terms indicate that direct debits are usually taken at the start of the day. Whilst you say "(funds avail)", you will likely find if you press Santander they will say either:
    - the covering funds needed to be in the account at close of business or end of day on the previous working day (24th) or
    - the time the funds were credited to your account on the 29th was after the direct debits had already been bounced.

    I don't know if Santander are one of the banks that require covering funds on the previous working day or not (different banks operate differently on this), but I'm sure someone will advise in due course. Even if they are, that doesn't mean you shouldn't make further efforts to see if they'll waive the fees.
  • Have you paid any cheques into your account in the last ten days and if so were you relying on the funds paid in by cheque to cover the direct debits?
  • Santander, in common with many other banks (particularly those that, like Santander and Halifax, used to be building societies) probably require cleared funds to be in your account the working day before a payment is due out. It may be worth checking this.
    urs sinserly,
    ~~joosy jeezus~~
  • Hi

    No there were no chqs. The Payment that went in is a direct transfer between my accounts which is instant. But because of the bank Hol it only showed on the 29th.
    It's not a pending payment.

    Santander have agreed the funds were clear befOre the dd's went out.

    I'm so upset as to what I can do.
    To be honest this is the last straw. I've had so many probs

    They even sent my statements to the wrong address for a year, but I get no compensation!

  • they tried to charge me intrest once when I trans from my savings account to my 2nd main account and used the debit card. They post the transaction date the day after
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    I'm so upset as to what I can do.

    Learn from your mistake and dont do it again basically.

    Paying money in on the same day is like playing Russian Roulette. If the decision to bounce the payments is made before the money in appears on the system then you lose. If the money is in before they check then you usually get away with it.

    Normally, if its your first error, the banks will refund charges as a goodwill gesture if you ask them nicely.
    I am an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA). The comments I make are just my opinion and are for discussion purposes only. They are not financial advice and you should not treat them as such. If you feel an area discussed may be relevant to you, then please seek advice from an Independent Financial Adviser local to you.
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    PGFitness wrote: »

    I'm so upset as to what I can do.

    The easiest way of preventing this is to move accounts to a proper bank and ensure that money is always in the account the day before a DD is due
  • The money was in the account 4 days earlier, it simply didn't show until after the bank holidays!

    The branch agrees there is an error.
    Thebranch also said the mOney going in is a regular payment, so the bank would of honoured the dd even if it went in hours after the dd went out.
    The dd came back as refer to drawer which means there wasn't enough mOney in the Acc when there was

    So it was not my mistake, nor my lesson to learn

    Thanks to all for the positive comments
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    Have you asked the companies if they can re present the DD'S, and have santander agreed to waive all charges if there were any?
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    In your position I would definately be looking at moving to a more professional bank, after the debacle last week when Santander sent people other people's statements and their derisory offer of £100 compensation they don't deserve anyone's custom.
    Free impartial debt advice from: National Debtline or Stepchange[/CENTER]
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