January 2011 Grocery Challenge

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  • Afternoon all -it's payday today so am starting the Feb challenge from today! Have updated my sig and got my budget for Feb
    Hoping to bring it in under again as we have loads to pay out this month for school trips etc etc and every little helps. :-D
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  • I have sorted out all my food cupboards and cleared out ne to use as a stock cupboard. I have taken an inventory and typed up spreadsheet with stock levels required. I bought some more washing powder in Netto, so I now have 3 months supply. My menu plan for the month is complete. I am going to bake an apple cake this afternoon to use up some bruised apples. My freezer is stocked with meat and fish. My only purchases for the month should be bread, milk and fruit and veg. I am going to buy another freezer next month so that should make things even easier.
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  • Newbie here! thank you all for the hints and tips - i am gradually making my way through this thread and the links.

    Well, i am setting myself the challenge of using up all of the food in my larder/fridge/cupboards and freezer before i buy any more groceries. this DOES NOT include your staples (milk, eggs, marge, fruit & veg) but does include bread because i need to make more use of my breadmaker!!

    So far i have had a soup day where i made 4 soups (tomato, mushroom, chicken, carrot & coriander) and froze them all for my lunches. I have also had a stocktake of everything that is in stock currently.

    Last night for tea we had 'stuff tortillas' - made of red onion, spring onion, mushroom, peppers, green beans and leftover chicken with plenty of soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, and spices. They were pretty good! but then i find the 'toss everything in and hope for the best' meals are always the best.

    My Grocery Challenge for February will be £150. This is for 2 adults (OH relatively picky) and one 5 yr old (will eat pretty much anything).

    Wish me luck!!
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  • I've tried to read up on all the pages I've missed out on, but I don't seem able to catch up! lol

    Mothership I don't know if anyone has mentioned it but Chorizo freezes really well - you mentioned having 2 in your fridge - I buy a whole "sausage" and then freeze it in 40-50g chunks.
    Fab recipes you're posting too by the way :drool:

    wssla0 Great news on the job front - really pleased for you :T

    Welcome cutiepieabf and to any newbies who have joined that I've missed :wave:

    Spends of £13.75 since Saturday. I need milk, but might hang it out until tomorrow. I'm up to 12 NSDs (not including today) which I'm quite pleased with. I've now spent £230.19 of my budget, so have £19.81 to last me up to and including Monday 31st Jan, which I really should be able to do.

    If I do manage it, I shall be very pleased with myself considering I've reduced my budget by £25 - very pleased indeed :D

    Having this for tea tonight BACON ROAST CHICKEN & POATOES using thighs only, and boy is it delish - my stomach is growling already! lol
    All done in one pot too! :j I do love one pot meals.

    Well done to everyone taking part in this months challenge - there's a real positive "vibe" going on on here this month :)
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    Hi everyone, it's great to see so many people doing well on this challenge. I've really enjoyed stretching out the pennies and I'm delighted to have come under budget for this month.:T

    So on this note I would like to declare £375.64 for this month.:D

    Please can you put me down for £385 for February Mrs M as I have run down some of my stocks in the freezer and store cupboard and need to replenish.
  • Ok so far doing really well this month and only a few small bits to buy at the weekend and they will take me into Febs Challenge. As it is a challenge I am going to set myself a target of £110 for next month. Thats a reduction of £15 and now I am getting used to this I am hoping I can reduce our bill a bit. The aim is the long term would be to get it down to £80 a month so that we would have an extra £45 to spend on bills etc.
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    Small spend of 0.87p today on some bananas (actually spent another £4.09 but that was for stuff meal planned for Feb, so it's coming out of Feb's budget!). This takes my total to £196.60 with 5 days to go :eek:

    Guess we'll only be buying milk now then!!!
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    Mothership wrote: »
    1/4 to 1/2 Swede (Turnip) thats the big one with the brown skin.

    Mothership, thank you for this it made me smile. As when ever either veg is mentioned I have to take a moment to work out if they mean the large brown skinned veg or the small white one, as one parent calls it a swede and the other a turnip.

    I think I'm going to add this to our meals to try list.
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  • Well it's my birthday today :beer: and was taken out for fabulous lunch...Italian. Then went to [email protected] for pressie of trousers and jumper. Went into food hall and bought parents something for their anniversary (61 years) on Friday and paid for it by gifts card, so no spend thus far. Then ended in Sainsbugs and bought fruits, fish, coffee & bread and used points, ended up shelling out £8.52. so my total actual spend is £128.83, but have used points and gifts cards from pressies and earned from surveys so only used £106.12 of my own money.
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    Evening everyone. I'm declaring early this month - still have 4 days left, but we're fully stocked so I don't see any need to go shopping again.

    I'm £11.53 over at £251.53, but I'm fairly happy with that as it's only my second month on my reduced target, I never really produced a menu plan this month because of one thing and another, and I had 2 approved food orders this month (so the delivery on those alone accounts for the overspend).

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