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Well we've hit the end of a month again, I didn't really set targets last month as wasn't having a good time of it and much more on my mind. But I did manage to totally empty the freezer for the first time in 4 months and resisted the temptation to just keep shopping. Looking for inspiration from you guys and girls on targets for this month. So please feel free to post your targets, and what they were last month and how you did if you like :)
One day I might be more organised...........:confused:
GC: £200
Slinkies target 2018 - another 70lb off (half way to what the NHS says) so far 25lb


  • Our target this month is to spend as little as possible (No more than £10 a day on anything except bills so if we need anything more than £10 in one day, we have to take the extra off the next day!) and save every penny of our tax credits and child benefit, which should be at least £245! woohoo!
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    Que sera, sera. <3
  • Try and break the £500 barrier doing matched betting, nudged the total over 300 at the weekend so it should be doable.
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    I would set myself a target of looking at doing matched betting but I will be honest what I have read so far confused me so much I gave up. Never ever gambled money before so have no idea.

    I think mine could be reducing grocery bill. I have been spending over £100 per week still and being lazy with things. Maybe I could look at trying to go for £60-£70 per week as a start.
    One day I might be more organised...........:confused:
    GC: £200
    Slinkies target 2018 - another 70lb off (half way to what the NHS says) so far 25lb
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    with the way my wages work it's hard for me to set goals for 'october' rather than my october pay iyswim?!?!

    my goals for this paycheque were to live off £10 each week, two down two to go. i paid off my first debt, my only interest paying debt actually, my (smaller) overdraft :j means there isn't really any 'spare' money after food, but it's doable.

    i'm hoping to save £100 form ebay/quidco/leftover from spends, by the end of this 'month' (17th nov) to get my debt below the 3k mark which will feel like a huge milestone. got nearly £30 so far.

    i'm also aiming to not touch the tax credits i've started getting, got just over £40 in that account, don't know what for but all this talk of overpayments etc had worried me so i thought if i saved as much of it as possible if that were to happen i'd have the money there. and it also means i have money in case of a (shoe) emergency...only joking :D

    next month i hope to clear a chunk of my bigger credit card which stops being 0% in january (also going to investigate best bt offers to avoid the interest). hopefully this will be aided by a payout of bank charges (starting the court stuff in the next couple of days) which will nearly halve that card.

    other than that i hope to manage again on £10 a week, especially as it's a five week month.

    sorry for rambling folks, i'm in one of those moods :rolleyes:
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    get my debt below £2k which means paying off £795 this month and as you can see from my signature I've got that covered! I'd like to pay £1k off but feel that might be pushing it, especially as we haven't started our christmas shopping yet!

    DEBT FREE for the first time in 10 years and with savings!

    1st Baby due May 2011 :o it's a BOY:j
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