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    I don't mind ordering games/cd's/dvd's online as they fit through the letterbox.

    I dislike having all day deliveries as it hinders your day. You can get Am/PM choices but there is a danger of slippage so you have to be prepared to allocate a whole day.

    Sometimes you need a crystal ball to ascertain when you can expect your goods to be delivered.

    When it works well (Viking Direct excellent) GREAT but Argos (good for large items but couriered items I have been let down too much!!)
  • IMO it's a very poor blog entry. It only mentions one argument & focuses on one area - returning goods - rather than all the other factors of money saving. Seems like a token gesture to me as even the consumer rights part of returning goods is glossed over pretty quickly.
  • I_luv_cats wrote: »
    I don't mind ordering games/cd's/dvd's online as they fit through the letterbox.

    Unless your postman is as peculiar as ours; he writes the card to say that it was too big to deliver, even when it's a CD or small thin book :mad:
  • Quite a few retailers this year are offering Gift Receipts and are happy to do an exchange for something else if you don't like what was bought for you (or were bought duplicates).
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    I have a question. It kind of fits with this.

    I ordered a game for my Brother's Christmas to be be delivered on release day. It was shipped out before the main snow problems. Didn't turn up, I waited the 10 days stipulated to contact the retailer for failed delivery. They gave a full refund, as delayed or not 10 days is ample time to turn up.

    It has now arrived, I have my refund, the retailer will have their claim against Royalmail, I bought my brother a replacement already.
    Exactly where do I stand?
    If I call them they ask for postage back, I lose out there, they get credit from RM too.
    Does it get given to RM, who lose it and don't send back to retailer.
    I keep it but then feel guilty for keeping it and not owning up.

    By my thinking this will be a common occurance this year.

    All this confuses Internet shopping benefits.
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  • Unless your postman is as peculiar as ours; he writes the card to say that it was too big to deliver, even when it's a CD or small thin book :mad:

    On the rare occasions that I'm ordering online, I have everything delivered to my work address. :j
  • Ordering online is fine for the availability and aforementioned benefits, however we also need to use our local facilities or we will soon only have charity shops, bookies and cheque cashers on our high streets.
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    Shopping is about far more than looking at a picture and clicking on a mouse.
    .................:)....I'm smiling because I have no idea what's going on ...:)
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    Distance selling regulations mean if you no longer want them, you’ve a week to return goods bought online. With goods ordered instore for delivery, you only have a right of return if they’re faulty.

    maybe its time for all consumer protection legislation to be equalised, so that the 'how' of buying something dosnt matter
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    I have the same problem - a book ordered for part of my mother's Xmas present from Amazon was dispatched on 18 December, and I paid extra for 1st class thinking this would ensure it arrived on time.
    However it has not turned up and I have bought her another elsewhere.

    Had an e-mail from Amazon asking me to wait until 29th - but on their website they were promising delivery in time for Christmas. Also the e-mail talks about giving me 'full refund of the cost of the items' - what about the first class delivery charge? In the circs don't see why I should pay this.

    At the end of the day I paid for something (a book delivered in time for Xmas) which I didn't get, so don't see why I should lose out?
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