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    Sounds like you and your Dad have achieved something great with this Martin - congratulations and sorry to hear that others have misunderstood the situation. Ironically, it often seems to be the poorest in society that are the least financially aware and budget saavy, so the more hands on education (financial reviews, monthly budgeting, web comparison sites, money forums, etc) can be made available, the better. :T

    Love the focus on minimising admin expenses. I refuse to donate to the larger charities because they get this so wrong - as a web designer, I've been asked to work on projects for large charities before and I've been appalled at the amount they spend on marketing, websites, etc - their budgets have been bigger than most *commercial* clients! :mad:

    From my experiences, I'm convinced that many of the larger charities exist as job creation schemes, preying on people's guilt at highly emotive issues, and large amounts of the cash is diverted away from the intended recipients. I've also heard scare stories of large fees being paid to companies that are associated with charity staff members. And finally I regularly see charity "reps" pressuring people in the street/on their doorsteps into monthly Direct Debits that they can't afford. :(

    All this just emphasises how utterly important transparency and integrity is for charities in order to secure public trust. There are great parallels with the increased expectancy of transparency within government - charities should be looking at publishing *detailed* listings of all expenditure above ~£5k. Until that happens, personally I'm steering clear of high street DD pushers. :)

    Cheers, Ben
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    Good move to arrange to pay your father independently of the donations!
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    Well done! I wasn't even aware of this until I read it today!
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  • Well done for making a difference to a lot of people, Martin! :T
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    Congratulations Martin. The charity that you founded is a vital and much needed building block to improving financial literacy in this country. It is hard to establish a good trustee board and to feel confident that you can take a step back, you should be justifiably proud for achieiving this.
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  • Well done on leaving it in such a good position, but its sad that you felt you had to justify how the salaries are paid. Transparency is such a good thing when it comes to charities, and which some, sadly fail to deliver on.
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