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mulled wine recipe?

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  • If you want a change, try mulled cider, it's really lovely and went down very well at the schools fireworks evening (I made 6 litres) make the same as wine and it doesn't matter if you use the cheap cider as no one can tell the difference with the spices added.

    If you make mulled cider (which is lovely), pad it out with a bit of apple juice!
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    Warm your cockles with Jamie's recipe. He makes a spiced syrup first, which means that you infuse the spices, then add the wine, so less off the alcohol evaporates :beer:

    I'm making mulled cider this year, from HM cider (made with HG apples) and floating small HG eating apples in it :beer: It'll cost me very little :beer:

    As this has fallen from the front page of OS, I'll add it to the existing thread.

    Penny. x
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  • I chuck a couple of star anise in mine too!
  • Please bear with me. I am chuffed with the idea of mulled cider - my OH doesn't drink wine and it is just the two of us this Christmas. We have had 2 Christmases together with me cooking but I have got a lot more inventive with cooking and money saving over the last year so really looking forward to it.

    Does anyone have a mulled cider recipe, or do you just substitute it for wine - I have never made mulled wine before what recipe would people suggest?? Thanks :D
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    Hello, I saw a recipe posted on here the other day on how to make mulled wine but I can't find it now - :confused:

    I have a bottle of cheapish red, a carton on orange juice, ground mixed spice, ground cloves, whole cloves, whole nutmeg, ground cinnamon and mace (not too sure if any or all of these are any good but they when in my mincemeat so must be kinda christmasy! LOL)

    Is it possible with these things to make a nice mulled wine, I want it to be good but I really can't be bothered trailing out in this weather to get any more things tonight!

    Also I am making this just for me and I obviously can't drink it all so is it possible to re-heat tomorrow when more people come around or should I make just enough for a few glasses?
  • sazzy6sazzy6 Forumite
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    Should also say I have brandy, a rather manky looking orange and 2 lemons :0)
  • What you've got is fine. We use whole cloves and cinnamon but mixed spice might be nice as well. I'd probably use half the orange juice if you've just got one bottle of wine oh and bung some sugar in it as well to sweeten.

    You can reheat it we often do, it gets a little bit cloudy after day one but it tastes fine.
  • Ahh you can bung the brandy in as well, I think my sister does this with mulled wine.
  • sazzy6sazzy6 Forumite
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    Excellent! How please keep in mind I have NEVER made this before. When you say bung in some cloves etc... I might need a little more help!

    A teaspoon of each spice? Also does it mean you get a mouthful of powdery stuff?
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    Mulled wine recipe Click Here

    I just heat red wine with star anise, cloves and cinnamon sticks with slices of orange. (add a little sugar if needed)
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