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Can I keep the magazines?

I moved into a new flat six weeks ago. The previous tenant didn't redirect his mail or leave a forwarding address and every week I receive his copy of The Economist, and every week I mark the envelope "NO LONGER AT THIS ADDRESS, PLEASE REMOVE FROM MAILING LIST", but they just keep coming. Should I keep returning them, or are they mine for keeps?
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  • scotsbobscotsbob Forumite
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    Under the 1971 Unsolicited Goods and Services Act, as amended, they are yours to keep.

    However, as you have just moved, suppose something were sent to your old address, what would you expect the occupier to do with something of yours?

    Now you do the same.
  • My daughter moved and I had subscribed her to a monthly mag for a pressie, she forgot to tell them and even though she was only a few doors away couldn't retrieve her mag from the householder that took on her ex-lease. It's only fair to try and find the rightful owner, but if a couple of attempts fail, then I agree they are yours to keep
  • Strictly speaking it is not unsolicited mail as it is not addressed to you and it is an offence to interfer with mail sent to someone else. However irksome this may be the magazines are not yours & you should mark them "return to sender" and stuff them in the nearest letter box.
  • Just keep sending it back as the company has to pay the return postage
  • My dad runs a magazine and as odd as this sounds he has to keep sending out magazines after he's had a 'no longer at this address' one sent back because technically it's a paid for subscription and he could get in trouble for not sending a paid for item.

    As there is no forwarding address for the subscriber, and the magazine is still being sent, I think I would open and read them if I was interested in them but be careful to keep them in good condition and save them for a while, perhaps 3 months, while I waited to see if the rightful owner came to ask for them back. Chances are they will stop coming when he realises that he's missing them and he'll call the magazine and give them his new address.
  • You've done the right thing by sending them back, but if the company continues to send them - I'd just throw them out with the recycling (feel free to read if it is of interest to you first).
    If it wasn't for the mistakes I made in the past (and learned from), I wouldn't be who and where I am today. It doesn't matter if you've cocked up, what matters is that you put it right and apologise. x
  • ronangelronangel Forumite
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    After you have told them the person is no longer there, keep the magazines (read if you want) until you have a large amount about 50 or more if weekly, then send back by post with " postage will be paid by addresse" bet you do not get any more!:j
    or just keep for 6 months if you have space & recycle.
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  • SystemSystem Forumite, Community Admin
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    scotsbob wrote: »
    Under the 1971 Unsolicited Goods and Services Act, as amended, they are yours to keep.

    Incorrect as they are not addressed to the OP
  • ShaneUKShaneUK Forumite
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    If the house was leased/bought through an estate agent - contact them and get them to contact the previous tenant.

    If through a private landlord, contact the landlord to do the same.

    At the end of the day, there will be someone else involved somewhere along the line who will have contact details for the previous tenant.

    I am obviously not suggesting they give you contact details, as this would be wrong! However, they can make contact on your behalf.
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