New Year Resolutions for DFW's....

On the money front, what are your New Year Resolutions? Do you want to pay back a certain amount? Be debt free by the time 2011 is out? Are you revising your budgets for the New Year? Any item you are trying to cut down on or give up?

Sorry for all the questions, just interested as it's usually a time to reflect and make new plans for the year ahead.



  • annibee
    annibee Posts: 777 Forumite
    Carry on working from my spreadsheets and plans that ive been working from so far.

    And I want to clear Ohs biggest CC problem. Im also determined not to apply for any loans or unneccesary credit for the whole of 2011.

    Im keeping my car for at least another year unless it completely dies regardless of how rubbish it is.

    Im making sure I save enough each month to ensure when my tax and Mot come up next year i will already have the money

    Continue saving what i need to for Christmas 2011

    And be spend savvy when new baby arrives.

    Other than this my resolution is to keep hope and remain positive something I struggle with at the moment.
    I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it.

    Never Look Down on People unless you are helping them up

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  • I have a few resolutions for 2011

    keep to my meal plans and shopping lists
    become more self sufficient making jams etc when fruit is naturally available
    stick to my sealed jar challenge
    lose weight
    get more chooks hopefully ex bats
    try not to worry about money (harder said than done as I am a natural worrier about money)
  • Watalie
    Watalie Posts: 535 Forumite
    I love this :)

    I'm going to keep to my spreadsheets and make sure I stay being a serious DFW :D
  • brummiebabe
    brummiebabe Posts: 1,894 Forumite
    Well, as I'm ending the year with more debt than I started with (due to really expensive car repairs:mad:) I think I need to set some DFW new year's resolutions:
    • As of 1st January - to work out my 2011 budget and stick to it!! Never normally put money aside for clothes etc & that's what causes me to spend on my card:(
    • To be DF by the end of 2011 - the debt is at 0% for longer than that, but really want rid of it asap!!!
    • To maybe even save a little......:rotfl:
    • To start a sealed pot & not to break it open within 2 months, when we're a bit short!:o
    Here's to a prosperous (?sp) 2011!!!!!:beer:
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  • Herewego
    Herewego Posts: 2,541 Forumite
    Im hoping to clear all of our debt by christmas 2011 not sure we will make it but im going to give it my best shot.
    MARCH 2016 DEBT £25750/ £25035
    EST DFD JAN 2021 (that needs to change)
    NOW JAN 2019 (that still needs to change)
  • beanielou
    beanielou Posts: 89,277
    Academoney Grad I'm a Volunteer Ambassador Mortgage-free Glee! Name Dropper
    Just to be money aware all the time & keep my eye on the ball.
    What about you then Ms London?
    I am a Forum Ambassador and I support the Forum Team on Mortgage Free Wannabe & Local Money Saving Scotland & Disability Money Matters. If you need any help on those boards, do let me know.Please note that Ambassadors are not moderators. Any post you spot in breach of the Forum Rules should be reported via the report button , or by emailing [email protected]. All views are my own & not the official line of Money Saving Expert.

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    ***Keep plodding*** Out of debt, out of danger. ***Be the difference.***
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  • Sharon87
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    My DFW New Years Resolutions are:

    - pay off my overdraft - £1500 limit, but rarely go near the limit anymore.
    - Make sure I get decent jobs next year
    - Go to less events
    - See if I can move to a cheaper house
  • choogirl
    choogirl Posts: 1,274 Forumite
    I have several resolutions for 2011

    Try and halve my debt by June 2011
    Reduce my grocery budget by at least £20 per month
    Keep my finances organised
  • my plan is to try and get rid of one the defaults i have from sainsbury's bank through the ombudsman.
    pay off the £1700 i owe to LTSB CC and move my bank account somewhere else if they will have me.
    pay my sister the 1600 she lent me
    understand, control and reduce my spending and sell the piles of stuff i don't need on ebay to help clear the debt.
    LTSB credit card 22% now... £1677
    work 0%............................£300
    Sister 0%...........................£1400
    Inland revenue....................£208

    I owed £18000 in 2005:eek:
  • Hopefully I'm half way there I have started with supermarket saving stamps and post office budget account for car tax etc, have also signed up for the Christmas club voucher saving club (did that the other day) also managed to find unused vouchers on tesco site thanks to ML and Team, I have a sealed pot which I am determined not to break as it's so nice so when it comes to the moment it's full will proberbly spend hours trying to rechieve whats in there, also have a an appointment with CAB next week to sort our last lot of debts and repayments for next year.

    so in a nutshell I am hoping very much to be more money concious and plan ahead more with meals and daily challenges and try to have NSD's which I managed very well during the poppy appeal as i was so busy.
    :smiley:Looking to a brighter happier future:smiley:
    Nectar reward card= £6.08, Budget Card Savings =£50.00, Tesco Saving stamps= £20.00, Sealed Pot =??not opening yet.:)
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