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Evaluating e-saver web access features and fucntions.

On the e-savings page you list Northern Rock, Barnsley and Skipton as equal. Given this, I wanted to compare evaluate their sites for convenience of use, ergonomics and the general user experience.
But the do not offer any example pages or dummy accounts to navigate.
Key topics I want to assess are; the login process, how complex, how secure; use of dongles or card readers; detail and length of history in the statements; convenience of saving/printing statement pages; ease of setting up transfers, etc; irritation factors like space wasting eye candy and sales pitches for other products.
Given that few readers will have accounts with more than one society, I would support a comparison of features and maybe a poll of user thoughts for improvement
Some banks offer test access to dummy accounts for users to evaluate. You could challenge all your top recommendation sites to provide test run opportunities for their web sites.
I am willing to join a panel of evaluators if required.
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