help how do i get rid of mud stains

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  • Hello wonder if anyone can advise how to get mud stains out of a white (and red) top. My son decided it would be a good idea to have a mud fight! I have tried vanish/shout/60 degree wash to no avail. Any miracle cures?
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    Aerial bio powder is supposed to be good for stains. didn't get pencil marks out of ds2s white shirts though :rolleyes: might be better with an 'organic' based stain like mud.
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    A lot of people have said stardrops is good. It certainly gets stains off my carpet. I always soak the item in a bucket for a few days and then just bung it in the washer
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  • soory if this is in the wrong place.
    my son has some dried in mud stains in his pe top i have tired vanish and oxi spray and they still have not come out, can anyone advise me on how to get them out pleasssseeee

    thanks for reading
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    Hello carol9uk

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  • I always use de-solvit for stubborn stains. I used to get it in Asda but my local one hasn`t got it anymore. I got the last one in Wilkinsons.
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    I soak DS1's footy kit in Napisan for hours and hours before washing it if it's really muddy. The stains usually come out first time.

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    My sons brand new Moto X shirt has 2 huge mud stains on, we have never had this happen before as it washes out usually, I know it's not a clean sport but would like to get stains out as these will be sold when he grows out of them. At £60 for the top and £130 for the trousers, need to get something back! Oh and he says it looks like poo!

    I can't wash them at higher than 40C, and so far I have tried

    Washing with - soda crystals (inc solution sprayed on) usual washing powder, vinegar, acetone, hairspray, star drops, washing up liquid!

    Any better ways? It just won't budge, they haven't been allowed to dry yet, did search but couldn't find anything!
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  • usually if i have stains on my items of washing i use liquid washing powder and rub it into the affected area, then wash as normal

    This usually does the trick
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