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  • jezebel
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    I get good service from Nationwide - good to see that so many others do too. The best part of it for me is that they leave me to it - I used to bank with another bank and they would send me tonnes of junk mail - not sure if NW don't do this as I have paperless option set up but nice to not get offered loans etc that I don't need. Also, as most of my money services (mortgage and bank) are with NW I can see it all on one screen online - thansk to MSE I'm overpaying my mortgage and saving - it's nice to see one figure go down and one go up each month - waiting for the day they meet somewhere in the middle :)
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  • fluffnutter
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    Interesting to see that a few posters complain about junk mail and marketing literature. This is pretty easy to resolve; just set your preferences to no marketing. All banks spam like crazy but at least you can ask them to stop.

    Also interesting to see that people ask 'what is customer service from a bank?'. I guess that it really applies if something has gone wrong. Been a victim of suspected fraud? A standing order or direct debit has gone wrong? New card not turned up? Asked your bank to effect a chargeback after a company let you down? It's these kind of scenarios that test how good the service is.
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  • UnluckyT
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    I bank with Nationwide too and so far pretty good service compared to others i feel.
    Even with the odd glitch ive had theyve privided a pretty even service.
  • chillo518
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    :eek:I'm disappointed that your poll figures dont add up, some exceed 100% or dont add up to 100%. Not really what you would expect from this website.
  • wildthing01
    wildthing01 Forumite Posts: 329
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    i'm with barclays and the only contact i ever have with them is when they call me up from abroad somewhere to ask me how i am and to 'review my account'. not sure whether that counts as customer service or not!
  • brindi
    brindi Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    I opened a Santander account about 3 months ago, so now have my £100; just applied for First Direct as I am so fed up with not being able to transfer money quickly with Santader. I complained and actually got a letter saying they did do Faster Payments, have yet to see the evidence unless it is an established SO. Let my feet do the talking, take the £100 and go!

    My partner had so much trouble trying to set up an account with Santader that after 3 months he gave up and opened one with First Direct in 10 days; Santader lost 2 lots of personal information on him.

    Use Lloyds Platinum account (joint) as we travel frequently abroad on holiday (together and individually), both have mobiles, both have cars so make good use of the account "benefits" otherwise would give that one up too as Lloyds are not too hot.

    If like me you do all your banking on line, you need fast transfers, reliable and secure website, clear instructions and clear terms.
  • fountainpen
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    KimYeovil wrote: »
    What about - customer service is irrelevant - who cares?

    Why does anyone need customer service from a bank? You set up your income, you set up your debits, you use ATMs. Why in any three-month period would the vast majority of customers have an opinion about service?
    Customer service is very Important from a bank .I go into my bank to pay money in .I expect a good customer service.
  • minerva_windsong
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    Halifax (current account) - in credit and OK service.
    First Direct (ISA) - in credit and good service.

    To be fair though both my accounts are online so I don't generally deal with the customer services side of things...
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  • rb10
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    Well done MSE - this is a good poll. I think that the wording and structure of this one is far better than the poll in August, and should give far fairer, unbiased results.

    I think these results show the last poll to be a fine example of 'lies, damned lies and statistics'.

    It's interesting that all the big banks (HSBC, Halifax/BOS, Lloyds TSB, Barclays, Natwest/RBS) are almost exactly equal, with about 1/3 saying each of Great or OK (for in credit).
  • rb10
    rb10 Forumite Posts: 6,334 Forumite
    The top bank accounts article still hasn't been updated following this poll - although the top of that page claims that it's updated weekly. Has this just been forgotten about?
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