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The easy homemade stocking fillers thread!

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The easy homemade stocking fillers thread!

benji173benji173 Forumite
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I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread where we can all post tutorials for easy to make christmas stocking fillers. Anyway here's my first idea.

Find it.
Based on this.
Get a drinks bottle and fill it with however many small items you want, writing down a list of each of the items as you go. Things like a penny, a toothpick, a marble, etc. Probably filling it about a third of the way up would be best. Then fill the rest with anything small enough to cover the things and move around (eg. beads, lentils, split peas, sand, etc). It doesn't have to be just for children either, it depends how hard you make it by changing the size and quantity of the objects. If you're feeling adventurous I suppose you could do a 2 litre bottle and use it as a big present.
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