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Hi Guys,
I am a bit confused and I wanted to seek some help from you guys here.

I have recently returned to the north of ireland after a year working in Southern Ireland, I was out of work for 2 months. And in that time I contacted the dole people as I didnt know who long I would be out of work, I filled my form out online, But to date I have heard nothing back from them, I have now started a full time job..

But I wanted to know, Am i still entitled to anything from the dole? for the few weeks I was out of work?

Also I am applying for tax credits, I take it I put down how much I earned last year from working in Dublin on the tac credits document?

Many many Thanks for any help with my questions?



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    What benefit were you claiming?

    I'm not aware that DSD are accepting online claims to benefit. If it was a form you completed online and then printed out I can kind of understand - but that isnt possible for JSA claims.
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