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Alternative Christmas presents

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Last year we saw the wastage of toys that some of my nephews got. They did not even have enough floor space to put the toys out and about half of them went into the spare room and have not been touched since. The pile of toys for them this year is growing in my mothers house.

I have had a word with my brother and told him that there is no sense in us buying his kids anything other than a small selection box so what we are doing instead is buying each of them a goat in Africa. At least that way I know I am not wasting money on something that is thrown into the spare room and that somebody will really appreciate the gift.

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  • lilac_ladylilac_lady Forumite
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    I think that's a brilliant idea. Most children (not all) get toys given to them all year round so Christmas presents don't mean so much to them now. When they're older they'll understand and (hopefully) appreciate your present. the African family will certainly appreciate it.
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  • Chocmonster7Chocmonster7 Forumite
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    Another idea if you want to get something that will go to the child is a subscription to a nature magazine or club like the RSPB. Then they will get something thoughtout the year.

    Have a browse through a newsagent's shelves to get ideas or just ask the kids if they have a favourite mag.
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    books are always good as a year long present, my kids love the Guiness book of records and get it out all the time or annuals, or like chocmonster says their fav comic, annual subscription, gift vouchers that they can use all year long, a top fav in this house is def books
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  • Check out your local homes for animals, not necessarily cats or dogs. We have a number in our area where we can sponsor spider monkeys, etc. This would be a cool gift, as they would be able to visit them too.
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