TalkTalk Nightmare

My mum joined Tiscali(now TalkTalk) at the end of last year, to cut a very long story short it never worked and the matter ended up being escalated to the Executive Office, in particular a lady by the name of Rachel Kershaw. She agreed to waive all the charges, my mum would owe nothing, the service would be disconnected and she would pay for her to join BT. Service was stopped in Feb of this year and true to her word BT were paid by Ms Kershaw so we thought that was the end of it.

We have now had a letter from Fredrickson International debt collection agency saying my mum owes almost £300, as it would appear she has not only still got the o/s amount not waived as promised but has been getting charged every month since! We have tried ringing Ms Kershaw(constant voicemail-calls never returned)and emails are now returned as address not recognised. I have just spent the morning trying to ring TalkTalk, and each time have been placed back to the main options. Billing-no wrong department, was put through to Technical Assistance. Technical Assistance-no,again,couldnt help,put me through to leaving TalkTalk/Homemovers,who told me to write in and then cut me off. Nobody it would appear in that company has the common sense to be able to look up a phone number of a different department.

If anyone knows of another number for anyone that works in the executive office I'd really appreciate it as the whole thing is now really starting to hack me off!!


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