New Diary - Lucylema is a MFW

Me and Mr Lema would like to be mortgage free by the time I am 40 which is March 2014! I have said I would like to save £50 in 5 years so we will see which comes first. I don't work full-time so any spare money I get will go into the pot. This will include money saved on things I would have bought but didn't, ebay and any other bits and bobs that comes my way.

Its going to be a challenge but I will post any additions to the pot as and when they come to me.

Wish me luck...
Lucylema x :j


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    Good Luck Lucy!!

    I'm afraid I'm going to be trying to be MF by the time I am 50 (just over 10 years!)

    I wish I had started years ago myself, but we have a nice family home now, so just need to make it ALL ours! LOL

    Looking forward to seeing your progress!:T
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