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  • We purchased a property in York last March but didn't move in until October as we were having work done on it, during the time we were having the work done we did not pay any council tax. I read your guide to appealing and followed the steps suggested ie checking what other similar properties were banded as and found out that our property was band C but there were similar properties in our road assessed as band B. I appealed but was rejected straight away as it was more that 6 months since we bought the property as opposed to 6 months since we moved in which I thought was unfair.
  • i tried to get my house rebanded twice following your instructions.i was told i have no right to appeal as i have lived here longer than 6 months.will the scottish council tax be revaluated as well ?i know my property is 1 band too high.i live in a 1 bed flat,i pay the same as a 2 bed semi 50 yards away!this is WRONG they know it and do nothing about it.regards david gemmill
  • Hi Martin,
    I live in Scotland and started my appeal 7 months after we moved into our home. My husband and I attended the Appeals Court in Wellington Square in Ayr (Allan Urqhuart was and still is the head man there) but did not get past the 6 months appeals period. That was in 2005. I have done all you checks and come out every time in band D but continue to be banded E. The ironic thing is that our property was not completed until 1992 so our banding was an estimate!
    I hope you can help my cause and many others like me, especially in the current climate where things are tight.
    Thank you,
    J. Ellis
  • The most astonishing thing about this is that the Minister was not aware of the issue. Perhaps Martin could take the opportunity to suggest that in these days of austerity it is not so clever to have people in paid positions of great responsibility receiving state funding to indulge their ignorance of the requirments of their jobs.
    We may not, after all, all be in this together.
  • My son has a 2 bedroom house in a terrace of houses, which are all 3 bedroom house apart from his. They all have the same council tax band, no doubt a legacy from the original "drive-by" valuation. He tried to get a re-valuation, but the District Valuers office told him that he would not be able to appeal to the Tribunal, because he had lived in the house for more than 6 months before applying for revaluation. This was because he was unaware of the situation until a chance discussion with his neighbours.
    I hope this anecdote is helpful.
    Best wishes in your forthcoming endeavour,

    Geoff Leyshon
  • Hi Martin,

    I know your looking for unsuccessful experiences of this but I just wanted to say that I have re-banded my house 3 yrs ago, helped my neighbour do hers 2 yrs ago and my parents hse this yr, I never had the 6 month rule put in play for any, my point being that anyone doing this MUST put a strong case together and present it properly and professionaly, the better the letter and reasons stated, (not fuming off!) the less chance they can reject the claim, the websites for info to support the claim that you suggest are INVALUABLE and I couldn't of acheived success without them, so thanks a million for them and for telling us in the first place !

    best of luck with the minister

    steve rumney
  • I researched all the bandings for houses in my street and others streets nearby, all our houses were built 100 years ago and all identical same design, either side of my house number they are in a band C I am in a band D, we moved in to the house in 2000, we were not aware that they was a difference in bandings until this website let us know.

    I have gone through the complaints procedure and the answer was no, we were told we should of appealed when we moved in, it is unfair knowing just because we didn’t know there was a problem other people are paying less then us.
  • Hi
    When you first mentioned that many council tax bands were incorrect and offered ways of checking we followed your advice and discovered that some of our neighbours in much bigger properties where in the same band.
    We approached our local office and were told that the banding was correct and our right to appeal was turned down by the VOA. We felt we had to accept the situation.
    Two years ago we put this property on the market. The estate agent immediately said that he felt the banding was wrong and suggested an F to be much more realistic. The house was sold quite quickly and the new owners (who we got on quite well with, luckily!) applied to have the house rebanded. They were successful, but amazingly for us, when he spoke to the local officer he asked what would happen to the previous owners who had overpaid for 17 years! The immediate reply was that we would get a full repayment and we duly received a cheque for £2,800!!!!
    It would appear to be a rather drastic measure for others to have to sell their property in order to get what was rightly theirs!!
  • Thanks for continuing to champion this Martin. Hope this is helpful to you.

    I bought my three-bedroom terraced house in Croydon in 1995 for £77,000. It is in Council Tax Band E, which is the same as four-bedroom semi detached houses in neighbouring roads. We had been house-searching in the area on and off since 1991 looking at properties up to £80,000 and I don’t recall properties in our current road even getting above £85,000 let alone the £88,000 Band E demands.

    Since your publicity over unfair Council Tax Bands, I did some research and noticed that several people in my road had had their Bands lowered to D, including my next-door-neighbour whose house is identical to mine, apart from the fact they have a lean to/conservatory and I don’t. When I applied for a review of my Band in February 2008, I was told that my house was in the correct Band and I had no right of appeal as I’d lived there for longer than 6 months.

    I believe that all of the reduced banding in my road occurred many years ago, ie before your publicity started, and that I was refused to prevent the floodgates opening. This means that for over 15 years I have paid thousands of pounds more Council Tax then several of my neighbours in identical houses, including the house next door, and this cannot be fair.
  • I followed the procedure on this website to ascertain if i was in the correct banding and found that i SHOULD BE IN BAND A but i am currently listed in BAND B (and have been since i moved into the property 8 years ago).

    I appealed to Leeeds City Council by letter enclosing FULL information - this was rejected because of the 6month rule!!!!

    I reside in a row/block of x6 small terraced houses:

    x5 currently listed in band B
    x1 currently listed in band A

    and can i also point out that 1 of these 5 in band B has a dorma extention built so is now a much larger property that the rest so surely this is the only property that should be in different band to the rest??

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