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i have been reading about sponsorship and was wondering if is possible to sponsor giftaid money that i pay for my son to play and practice golf or even to make the money that i do spend go further

he is one of the best yound golfers in the country and is already entering and winning competions etc etc

for example
if i am spending £20 per week on his golf is there any way i can make this money go further by means of relief or anything

i am finding that financial constraints are meaning that he is unable to attend events practice sessions coaching have the equipment he needs or the clothing he requires because i cannot afford to pay for it

if this tax releif is possible can other family members and friends claim in the same way and if it is a possiblity how do i go about it
many thanks
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    The answer to whether you can Gift Aid to your child is "no", because it has to be a charitable donation, and setting your child up as a charity isn't the done thing. If I were more awake I'd find more details on the Inland Revenue site, but phoning your local tax office would get you chapter and verse. And possibly advice on whether there is some way to benefit from his personal tax allowance.

    Other than than, look for sponsorship for him! Talk to coaches, local golf clubs, local golf shops and see what you can get.

    Best of luck ...
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    just seem to be delving in a world of what i dont understand
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  • Have you tried these people.................they find people who want to sponsor and match them to sponsor seekers :)

    I don't know if it covers children but it is worth a try :-/

    Good luck :)
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