Barclaycard - Don't know what to do :(

Hi all, I've been a lurker on the forum for a while and decided to post in the hope that someone might know what I can do.

I've just graduated and managed to find a job with a reasonable salary, despite this I'm still worried about money.

I have a debt to Barclaycard for £700 . I was paying the minimum payment right up until May this year, then I hit financial difficulty and stopped paying. Currently they do not know where I am living and keep calling my father's house looking for me. I'm also ashamed to say I changed my mobile phone number just to stop them calling me (a cowardly thing to do).

I know this debt is my responsibility and I cannot hide from it but I really don't know what to do, they have put a load of interest on the account and I'm afraid its going to keep going up and up. As far as I know they haven't sent it to debt collection (yet).

I just have a couple of questions:

How can I get them to freeze the interest and sort a payment plan out?

Can they take money from my Barclays account to pay off the debt?

Any insight would be great. I'm so tired of worrying about money (I also have an overdraft and student loan to pay off) and Im afraid I'll never get good credit or buy my own house.


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    Contact them. Now.

    Hiding doesn't make the debt go away unless you're planning to do for the next 5 years.

    Yes, they can take the money from your account. You're lucky they haven't already. If they do that, not only have you rmessed up your credit history, you still haven't avoided your debt. They may or may not cut you some slack, but not if you keep hiding in the shadows.

    Time to be a grown up, I'm afraid. Call them.
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    Yes they can take money from your barclays account to pay off the debt.

    Whether you can get them to freeze interest will depend on your circumstances. If you could prove (by writing out a statement of affairs) that your financial position is such that you cannot afford all your minimum repayments after paying out basic living expenses then you could ask them to accept a repayment offer you can afford and ask them to freeze interest. They don't have to but many will if they can see you are paying all that you can afford and are treating all your creditors equally.

    First of all I would ensure that no matter what you pay at least a token payment to this debt each month. Then you'll need to contact them in writing to set up a repayment plan. You can also send out a template letter to stop them trying to contact you by phone and to do everything in writing (which will save your father having loads of calls from them).
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    Bear in mind that some T+Cs include a specific provision that allow them to charge you with the costs of finding you if you disappear.

    If you've just got a new job then hopefully £700 won't seem insurmountable. Perhaps you can do some sums and simply "pay your way out" over time. If you still can't meet the minimums despite the new job, then maybe time to see a debt advice agency (a real one) and ask them to put a plan together. Or ask parents for help?

    Better to mess these things up now when you're young rather than when you're older and the figures can be much more serious.
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    As has been said above, contact them to try and arrange a repayment plan. Contacting them in writing is probably your best bet.

    That said, if you have any money in your account, you may want to move it into an unrelated "simple" account (Natwest Step or Co-Op cashminder) before they claim it.

    As for "hiding" from them, that isn't going to help at all and could just result in the debt ballooning - especially if they have to "hunt you down" - that all costs money - costs that they will pass on to you!
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