Free Lotto tickets

Basically you perform 10 unique searches a day, and for every 25 you accumulate you get a free Lotto ticket.... what does anyone else think, worth spending a minute or 2 a day on this?

(Hope I'm in the right forum for this....)


  • mjm3346
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    This works out at 10p for 25 searches (1/10 of a lottery ticket), the return on swagbucks is better.
  • aarrgghh
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    whether or not it is worth spending your time on is up to you. I can't be bothered with these things as I actually have better things to do than spend hours of my time earning pennies. However, if the money is important to you do it.
  • Hi all,

    Have been using as my search engine for the last 6 weeks and have just recieved £286.40 into my paypal account after winning on Saturday.
    I'm amazed ive won as ive been playing the lottery for years now and never won a penny!!

    Has anyone else won on searchlotto?:j

  • well ive just joined but its only picking up ive done 1 search.
    Converted comper to MSE. Thank you for all your answers!
  • furby-2003 wrote: »
    well ive just joined but its only picking up ive done 1 search.

    I don't know if you've read this but thought I'd post it for reference anyways:
    Q: Why don't all of my searches count as verified searches?
    A: Searches are verified before being added to your account.

    Verification takes into account several factors that determine whether a search is perceived to be valid. These factors include checking whether the search phrase is identical or extremely similar to recent searches.

    We also throttle your search queries so that only one search query is verified every two minutes - this is to help prevent abuse of the service and the use of automated robots or scripts.

    Additionally, please remember that you can only accumulate up to 10 verified searches per day and a maximum of 50 verified searches per week.

    These safeguards are in place to help ensure the service can be enjoyed fairly by all users.
    So If you searched similar terms, or in a short space of time then they won't be included in your total searches.
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    Just to clarify on this. You can get two sets of numbers per week but you only get 1/10 of any prize that those numbers bring up.
  • My searchlotto ticket matched 4 numbers on the draw on the 23rd October...I got £6.40! Actually find it quite exciting now each week to watch the draw now and to check my numbers.
  • I would have thought this could be perfectly genuine as the site owners could include themselves in every syndicate and 10p for 25 searches certainly isn't a high rate. However, as everyone who has come on saying they have won has such a low post count I'm very suspect of it now.
  • Sorry, I don't get on here that much - my friend does and she emailed me about NorthernPetes post as she knows I had a win a few weeks back (after much gloating) and suggested I post a reply to him.

    Nothing more sinister than that!
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