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  • bah_humbug wrote:
    There uis a FANTASTUC costume shop in Northwich, Cheshire - on the hight street - sorry i can'tremember what it's called

    They have all kinds of costume, masks, make up etc etc from cheap n cheerful card cut outs to elaborate room decoration.

    LOL......that was a surprise, I work next door to it! Its called "The party shop" Yes its very good, I think they have a pound box at the front of the shop with lots of bargains in too. You can but anything related to fancy dress and parties.

  • Thanks for all your great ideas!!!

    I have to say one of mine and my friends best ideas was 3 years ago.

    We had a day out in town supplied with £5 and plenty of home bargin and charity shops. We all had a costume idea, mostly the usual such as ghosts, vampires and witches.

    It was a huge success and hilarious to boot!

    We do the same with the little siblings and cousins every year since and each time it had been a success.

    With the little ones loving the responsibility, the older ones loving the creativity and the even older ones loving the chance to look ridiculous and no worries about it. We found with lots of tragic out-of-fashion styles, plenty of selo-tape and lots of cutting up we could make anything. usually the kids' costumes were the best ones!!!
  • Me again!

    Quick ideas for wacky hair-do's - DONT BUY THE HAIRSPRAYS! Mix water-based powder make-up with hairgel and go wild.

    I went as a "Thriller" zombie one year - ripped out one of my dad's old shirts, backcombed my hair til it stuck out every where and covered myself in cheapo own brand baby talc.

    Easiest way to do the make up for a zombie or other such creature of the night is to white out the face with water based make up or talc (be careful with this as it really dried the skin and can cause flakiness and itching) and then get them to suck their cheeks in - use dark grey or black eye shadow to fill in the hollows of the cheeks and the eyes. If you use a softer brown colour you can turn them into little old mannies and ladies - just get them to crinkle up their faces too and fil in the crinkles with a fine brush or eyeliner pencil plus the hollows of their cheeks - et voila!

    For a really gruesome effect get hold of some of those disclosing tablets they used to give out free at the dentists - red for a vampire and blue for a zombie/plague victim. All the wee monsters need to do is suck on a sweetie (not that difficult at halloween!) and then chow down on one. The blue ones turn your tongue black after a while and if you drool (ew) with the red ones you get very impressive blood trails. It also means that at the end of the night you can make sure they clean their teeth really well!!
  • Our church (like many others) is running a 'light party' on October 31st to provide an alternative to trick-or-treating. Parents don't have to worry about costumes, roaming the streets in the dark, or their kids knocking on strangers' doors. Instead the children have a fab party with their mates, loads of food/games/crafty stuff/running around - in a safe environment - for free! We had over 120 kids at our party last year - in a small Hampshire village - they came from miles around. Churches all over the country do these. They're usually known as light parties and they're usually free. Just thought I'd mention it as an alternative.

    Sarah :)

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  • bought cheap white face paint in tesco, cheap white ribbon at the market, old white muslin curtain, hey presto little girl becomes chineese spirit. when she was very little we did the old sheet ghost thing. the only problem was trying to get the sweets into her mouth through the eyeholes! Cheap + imagination is great, a zipped up jacket would not get treats in my house.
    Happy haunting
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    Saw a wee girl yesterday in a super costume - head to knees open 'pod' made from green felt (crepe paper could probably be used just as well), face painted all over with green face paint, then several green balloons taped or tied all down her front. Yep - she went as peas in a pod!
    Not very scary but really cute!
  • last halloween, my partner(who was a bar manager at the time) came home saying he needed a costume for the next day!!! i spent two hours the following day making his costume as we didnt have any spare cash. i just used a pair of his old jeans which were already torn and an old t-shirt- ripped them up some more and smeered them with dark eyeshadows(browns & greens) and some fake-tan that i bought but made me look like i'd been tangoed!!! covered his face with talc and blacked out his eyes and added a few green and brown patches. he made a great ZOMBIE!!! everyone else at the pub had spent a fortune on their costumes but my partner won the best costume prize unnanimously!!! free bottle of champers!!!
  • backstage a costume shop up the road from me sells blood capsule 5p and really cheap capes to sorry cant remember the price of the cape
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