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MSE News: Halifax: house prices dive in record plunge

This is the discussion thread for the following MSE News Story:

"The UK housing market suffered a major jolt today as figures revealed values slumped 3.6% in September ..."


  • $$$_12$$$_12 Forumite
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    Excellent news for buyers!
  • Great news.I own my home but my children may now be able to afford to buy their own.
  • tyllwydtyllwyd Forumite
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    MSE Guy - you've put this on the wrong board ... should be in the debate house prices board, surely?
  • MrChipsMrChips Forumite
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    What's to debate?!
    If I had a pound for every time I didn't play the lottery...
  • Indeed - fantastic news that one of lifes essentials is becoming more affordable.

    Sadly, it's going to get a whole lot worse.

    I am not allowed to post links, but take a look at this chart at the URL below - who in their right mind would think that was sustainable and consider buying now?

  • julesh wrote: »
    Great news.I own my home but my children may now be able to afford to buy their own.

    Also any new home you may want/need to buy will be cheaper as well so you'll need a smaller mortgage (your house might not be worth as much but the same will be true for the house you're buying).
    "One thing that is different, and has changed here, is the self-absorption, not just greed. Everybody is in a hurry now and there is a 'the rules don't apply to me' sort of thing." - Bill Bryson
  • That board is only accessible to registered users. Given many come from the news story, they won't all be registered on the forum so would get an error page.

    tyllwyd wrote: »
    MSE Guy - you've put this on the wrong board ... should be in the debate house prices board, surely?
  • tawse57tawse57 Forumite
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    Any minute now we will have some numpty post that the Halifax has valued the house they are buying at 3.6% below their offer and wanting advice on how they can convince the Halifax to lend them more to pay the ludicrous asking price!
    This is not financial nor legal nor property advice. Consult a paid professional if in doubt.
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    TrollfeverTrollfever Forumite
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    211 comments and 11,900 views here:

    (In three hours!)
  • beccadbeccad Forumite
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    I'll be interested to see what other organisations, Nationwide etc., have to say about all this. The figures often vary between different organisations. I am SO glad we managed to sell our flat when we did (May)! DH and I are living with his parents at the moment, which isn't easy, but news like this makes me feel better about it all!

    I'm going to reserve judgement about it all until more figures come in from other lenders. We've currently got an offer on a property, not accepted but not rejected (vendor is seeing what they can find to buy based on our offer, which is less than they were hoping for), but I'm not going to pull out of the sale based on this one piece of news...
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