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London Annual Bus & Tram Pass question

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I live in London and hold an Annual Bus and Tram Pass which I renewed yesterday for another year. It was issued as an addition to my Oyster Card along with a printed Record Card, as these things always are.

I've bought the same ticket type for 4 years now, and it seems fairly arbitrary as to whether the issuing ticket office prints the record card onto a Gold Record Card (as would be the case for an Annual Travelcard including tube travel) or onto an ordinary blue Record Card. Last year I got a blue one, but this year, as once before, it's been printed onto a Gold Record Card.

I know that if I had an Annual Travelcard or a rail season ticket, a Gold Record Card would entitle me to a number of perks including Network Railcard train ticket discounts (with enhanced conditions - no minimum fare etc), but I have always assumed this would not be the case if my annual ticket was only a Bus and Tram Pass.

Does anybody know the answer?
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