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  • niclon26niclon26 Forumite
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    I am pregnant with my 5th child and whilst I definately Do not class pregnancy as an illness,I am finding my day to day level of wellness at the moment(I'm 26 weeks) tends to vary between 2. andd no 4. on Martins wellness scale.(most days I'd say are a 3)I have suffred with SPD since week 12,which makes walking difficult and extremely painful at times.The problem is if I rest too much it hurts and if I overdo it it hurts,I am constantly trying to find a happy medium.
    When I am not pregnant my health is generally very good,so I feel blessed that I am lucky and realised my pain will disappear when the baby arrives,yey.As they say there is light at the end of the tunnel.For now though it gives me the opportunity to enter lots of competitions through mse.(I have won 10 prizes/freebies since the end of August)
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  • ScarletBeaScarletBea Forumite
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    I think your scale is fab!!!!
    I'll use it next time I'm ill :)
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  • minerva_windsongminerva_windsong Forumite
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    Liking the scale :)

    I'm of the view that 'if you're well enough to get out of bed you're well enough to go to work', so would probably use 'bed well' as my threshold for whether or not to stay off (which is why I am the annoying person who goes to work with a cold).
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  • RabbitMadRabbitMad Forumite
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    I think most women can work out just how ill a man is. Men have a built in indicator - warm it up and then check which position its at and hey presto you can tell how ill he really is.
  • Living in Scotland I'm trying to educate a friend from Yorkshire into
    the difference between...

    1. being no awfy weel....
    2. being awfy no weel..

    State 1 can usuallly be fixed with a paracetamol and a lie-down.
    State 2 would require hospital treatment.
  • delaindelain Forumite
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    I tend to underestimate being ill, you do when you're a busy mum of 4. I got to not well at all last weekend. Then I fell over when I tried to walk. OH called the out of hours doctor, who promptly sent me to hospital where I then spent 2 days getting a 4 pint blood transfusion because of severe anaemia :o:o:o

    Moral of the story, feel extra bad, go to the blimming doctor before you start looking like a walking corpse :eek: :eek:
    Mum of several with a twisted sense of humour and a laundry obsession :o:o
  • sheeps68sheeps68 Forumite
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    I tend to work on the can I get to car in one go as my guidance. If I have to stop and not just go slow I go to work.
  • tgroom57tgroom57 Forumite
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    I don't mind a few 'off' moments as I'm getting ready, but if I am dressed, breakfasted and ready to leave and still haven't got the 'full-on green-for-go light' then that's my signal to stay home: whatever it is I'm incubating is probably better not shared. I used to go in with a cold, but then I never had flu.

    I'm normally well, without any 'normal' aches and pains. Around this time of year I stock up on blackcurrant juice (don't know why) and cinnamon (fights flu) with either apples or mulled wine.
  • MobeerMobeer Forumite
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    You haven't experienced "anti-bed well" yet then? It's when you are fine when mobile, but as soon as you stop moving the pain starts; nasty when you want to sleep, sit down at a desk, drive etc.
  • jenniewbjenniewb Forumite
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    Where does a bad back sit with this scale?
    I am able to get out of bed (just!) my back is killing me, but the more I move around, the better it is. I can get to the gym and after a few mins its like its not even there (as long as I don't do any twisting movements) However, sitting down on a chair for more then 20 mins and I am in agony again!

    So! Fine to walk around, fine to keep moving, better to be active but hurts to be in a chair, in bed/getting out of bed and to generally rest. I think you need another point on your scale: "working makes me ill/worse!" :rotfl:
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