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TheTrainLine dissappearing fares

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Has anyone been able to actual get any of these tickets? I am trying to arrange for 2 adults and 3 children to travel to London for a couple of days in July. Received the special offer flyer today from school and yet the site seems to show no availability for any of the trains that I am trying to get. Anybody know of tricks or a search technique? ???


  • I like to travel VIRGIN Value 1st as I think they are good value.

    Lately I have looked for the fare and it is available, go back to book and it is not. None of the value fares are available 1st or 2nd class.
    Go back again and it is available.

    Anyone experiencing same problems.

    In the short term going back to the old visit a station and purchase over the counter.

    I have found lately the trainline web site to be not functioning consistently.

    Maybe it is becoming too popular and cannot cope!
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    Yeah I've had problems with Trainline, but wasn't really their fault. I was buying APEX tickets from Bristol to London and they weren't showing up. I phoned First Great Western up who basically said there was a problem with the booking system and that there were no APEX tickets for the weekend. This was eventually resolved.

    I know trainline and national rail enquiries and presumably all the other rail booking websites use the same database. There was a big server upgrade over Christmas and New Year so perhaps National Rail have further probs?

    I would suggest trying Virgin directly either via the web or on the phone before making a trek to the station. If there is an error with the system you still won't get a ticket at the station.
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    I'll have a go at moving you over to the new sub board which deals with public transport to see if we prompt more discussion there - I hope you dont mind :)
  • No problems

    Still getting use to the new software and the sub boards.
  • I have found what looks like a glitch in the software.

    I have forwarded screen dumps for the trainline to see for themselves the different available fares depending which you go into the fares pages of the WEB site.

    I await their response.
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