Pipex Homecall

Y'now, the one endorsed by David Hasselhof.

Don't go there, they are complete fibbers, they offer you a nice special offer package of £9.99 for the first X months and claim they are cheaper than BT after that. Not true. My bills are between £30-£45 per month - with BT they were never over £25.

They sent me a letter dated 23 August saying I hadn't paid but I hadn't even received the bill!! They kept refusing to send another as they claimed they'd already sent it (unless they charged me of course) - anyway, to cut a long story short, after various letters and phone calls I said I wouldn't pay until I had the bill - it continued and I asked them to cancel my account and send me a final statement.

They are adamant that they have not had a received any requests from me to cancel (4 letters and numerous phone calls).

They have now referred my account to a debt collection agency and I have contacted this agency and copied them in on all correspondence (I now back up every phone call with a letter!) so that they know why I haven't paid. And I've contacted Trading Standards.

I just thought I'd warn you all not to trust them!
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