Free account with grooveshark (spotify alternative, no adverts)

cineman Forumite Posts: 184
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thanks to fawcett at hud

just like spotify but with no audio adverts

you can listen to albums free and also create and save a playlist that you may want to create.

(free account can create and save playlist online)

playlists will not work on a phone unless you have vip account

iphone and itouch must be jail-broken to work with the VIP service.

This free version definitely has no adverts contrary to what others are saying below...

It's a great idea for those who use free Spotify accounts and get bombarded by ads.

GrooveShark linky


  • alwaysonthego_2
    alwaysonthego_2 Forumite Posts: 8,472 Forumite

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  • Pauley_Paul
    Pauley_Paul Forumite Posts: 129 Forumite
    Just checked it out, looks excellent, thanks very much.
  • Quanz2
    Quanz2 Forumite Posts: 202
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    Thanks for the info -sneaked a quick look at work, but i will check it out properly when i get home.
    Have had a look for Led Zepplin and they have have some Zepplin stuff (Spotify dont) - so tonight i will see if they have any other music that Spotify doesn't. Looks like they have more INXS than Spotify but less Johnny Cash.
    I have a Premium account with Spotify so i dont have to listen to adverts, but if i can get something similar for free am happy.
    Think i prefer the layout on Spotify - as you get albulm covers etc - but i need to see what this new one has to offer.

    Many thanks to the original poster.
  • TomB_88
    TomB_88 Forumite Posts: 51 Forumite
    Quite impressed with Grooveshark , still prefer the general layout of Spotify , it looks nicer however i'm defintely going to give this grooveshark i try , because ads do annoy me.
  • markharding557
    markharding557 Forumite Posts: 3,116 Forumite
    The sound quality in grooveshark is poorer than spotify
  • rozeepozee
    rozeepozee Forumite Posts: 1,971
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    I HATE adverts, so this is definately one for me :T
  • Beatlefan
    Beatlefan Forumite Posts: 891
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    Thanks for posting details OP, will give it a look.

    How do they make any money then, if there's no subscription and no ads?
    Big thanks to Martin Lewis for helping us start to sort out our finances!!!:A

    Best Comp win:X-Box 360!!

    And thank you to all posters! You're wonderful!
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