What vegetables to serve with fish pie??

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What vegetables to serve with fish pie??

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FTB83FTB83 Forumite
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Sorry for the odd post, but we have some friends coming over for dinner tomorrow, and I have decided to cook fish and prawn pie (seeing as the weather has turned so rotten, I thought this would be nice cosy food), but am stuck on the vegetables to serve with it - I want to add a twist to them, my thoughts were spinach, green beans or something like that, but what can I do to make them a bit special, but not overpower the pie?? The pie will be topped with mashed potato, so I can't do any of my special potato dishes.

Any ideas gratefully received! And sorry if I sound a bit lame, I just want to impress!



  • newlywednewlywed Forumite
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    Do something bright and colourful - like the beans or spinach you suggested. If you do parsnips etc then the whole thing looks rather pale and washed out!!

    Not sure on recipes though. What about glazed carrots or something?
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  • I reckon you can't do better than peas and carrots. Looks pretty and is easy to do. Glazed carrots make it a bit posher and you could add a bit of chopped spring onion to the peas.
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  • How about a nice big dish of roasted veg that you can help yourselves to?
    Colorfull veg, carrotts, peppers green beans:confused:
  • FTB83FTB83 Forumite
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    Thanks guys, they all sound lovely. :T

    I totally agree about needing colour. I love the idea of a great big dish of veg too - think I'll roast some carrots and fennel or something, and do some buttered green beans and spinach. I have just found a recipe for spinach which sees it steamed and then a squeeze of lemon juice and some toasted pine nuts thrown in. That sounds quite nice too.

    Ooh, getting quite excited now. The last time I had friends over and cooked (only a few weeks ago), I got a bit nervous and a tad tipsy on my Dutch courage glass(es) of wine, I'm not sure why cooking for non-family is so nerve-racking!! It was a good night though! :D
  • Just peas. CAn't beat them. There's loads going on in a good fish pie; peas seem to complement it perfectly.
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  • GardenMillieGardenMillie Forumite
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    You can't beat peas and carrots, to make them a bit fancier chop some mint into the peas and glaze the carrots with butter and thyme leaves.

    I'm freezing - so a plate of comforting fish pie sounds delicious.:D
  • springchickenspringchicken Forumite
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    Broccoli is the veg to have with fish pie but cant think of any ideas to jazz it up.
    We also have peas as well ,these 2 I think complement the flavour .
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  • We're having HM Fish Pie tonight and we are having peas, mange tout and sugar sanp peas.:D
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  • thriftlady_2thriftlady_2 Forumite
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    This is what Nigel Slater says about fish pie - 'It needs no accompaniment other than a bowl of peas and a few cold beers or bottles of white wine.' I agree peas all the way ;)
  • newleafnewleaf Forumite
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    I always serve baked tomatoes with mine: Slice tomatoes in a dish, sprinkle with a tiny bit of sugar, a little olive oil and some basil. Bake in the oven for the last half hour of the fish pie cooking.
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